Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Seven

SLC is WORSE than Vegas??

I know what you’re thinking. “How is that possible?” I thought Salt Lake City was going to be a calm place to end our trip. N was able to use his points and score two rooms at The Monaco in Salt Lake City.

C and I sat at a slot machine as the boys returned the keys and a lady approached us. I could smell the alcohol on her before she even got next to us. She asked for a cigarette. Okay no problem. I give her one. She stands there next to us and smokes and tells us all about getting out of the mental hospital that morning. And how they tried to get her to stay.

She’s holding a giant cup of something and tells us it’s Four Loko. It’s like 8 am. C and I are weirded out. She keeps going on and on and we can hardly understand her because she is so drunk. She then asks us for money. We tell her we have no cash and she gets mad and mumbles something and stumbles away.

If she didn’t smell like a bar and hadn’t been clearly drunk, I would have found something to give her. But I don’t want to feed into her clear addiction.

We leave, happy to get the heck out and head some place relaxing. (Lol!)

First we had to make a pit-stop at the Diesel Sellerz shop in SLC where they film the show “Diesel Brothers”. It’s one of N and M’s favorite shows and they were literally like a kid in a candy store in there. It was buy one get one 50% off when we got there too! So we bought some shirts and other things and checking out the big trucks in person was a lot of fun.

Upgraded Again

When we got to the hotel, N was once again upgraded. Both rooms were upgraded to King Suites. For some reason I thought the man checking us in said “King Standard”. So I was thinking it was a normal room with a king bed instead of queen. Boy was I wrong.

I loved this door so much I had to snap a picture.
The living room.
The bedroom
The king bed
The bathroom with a large tub.
Very expensive robes.
Our view.
These glasses were gorgeous.
Anyone want a $5 Hershey bar or $8 bottle of water?
Don’t forget your $20 couples kit!

The room was gorgeous. I’ve never stayed in one so nice before. I was in love with it from the moment we stepped in.

Once we got settled in we decided we were hungry and decided to go to a restaurant recommended by one of N’s coworkers that’s from the area. Squatters Pub.

As we are walking there we walk past a man in a business suit that’s literally counting the bricks that surround a tree on the sidewalk. It was one of the strangest things I had ever seen in my life.

We get to the pub and are seated upstairs. It’s really nice with old archetectirure and millinial type wall decorations. I order a cheese steak sandwich and garlic fries. The fries were amazing. The sandwich was alright, I’ve definitely had better. But the drink is what made the meal. I ordered the “Mormon Mule.” And it was delicious.

A few drinks poking fun at Mormon’s.

After some food and refreshments we make our walk back to the hotel. We were exhausted from the night before and the long drive. And we really just wanted to hang out.

All of a sudden this guy starts yelling some crazy things. I couldn’t even tell you what he was saying but he was definitely on some sort of drug. (FYI – there’s huge billboards through out Utah addressing the opioid problem them have.) So this guy comes flying up on us and N is whispering to me.

“That guy is coming up behind us just keep an eye out.”

So I relay this to C and M just as he walks past us yelling stuff – I’m very sure it’s a different language. – and he just zooms past us yelling at people and carrying some sort of book. Maybe a Bible, I’m not very sure as I didn’t get a good look at it.

We laugh uncomfortably and continue on our way.

There’s something going on across the street from the hotel. But we aren’t sure what it is. Some sort of beer festival I believe. So loud music was played all night. (It was nothing compared to the Fremont Street Experience so N and I were okay. But C & M didn’t experience the loud music every night and were a floor below us so they heard this music very clearly all night and didn’t sleep at all.)

At about nine PM we look outside and see an ambulance putting someone in the back on the sidewalk across from the hotel. (see picture earlier in this post) FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER we look and see them loading an unconscious man into another ambulance from a limo IN THE SAME SPOT.

At this point we are all wondering what the hell we got ourselves into.

Flash forward to the morning and we check out to head home. We stop at Carl’s Jrs for breakfast and a homeless man comes into the restaurant with his pants unzipped and hanging down (clearly loaded on something) and asks us to buy him something. We decline as we know he is on something weird and besides, his dick was all but hanging out of his pants.

We leave the restaurant and eat our food in the car. The same man comes around the building and approaches us and asks the same question but he’s asking it as if he hasn’t seen us before even though he saw us not even three minutes before.

It was scary as he continued to approach us despite N telling him we couldn’t do it.

If the man hadn’t been on something and didn’t have his pants open, we would have done it. It was the scariest encounter I’ve ever had with a homeless person.

We got home at about 6 PM and I had never been more happy to be home. Salt Lake City is a pretty wild place. But now I’ve got some good stories to tell.



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