Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Six

Our Final Day

So our final day was spent just hanging out as I had a pretty bad hangover. Honestly, this many days in Vegas is a bit much. It kinda becomes overwhelming. Especially Fremont.

We woke up, the both of us feeling frisky. Morning sex is N’s favorite. My goal was to have sex at least once in the morning on our trip. Today was perfect. He was rock hard.

I removed my panties, as that was all I was wearing, and he helped me climb right on top of him. I rode him slowly at first, savoring the pleasure of him being inside of me.

I bit my lip as he filled my tight, wet pussy.

“Mmm. Oh fuck.” I moaned as I moved slowly up and down. His hands went to my hips and helped guide me into a faster speed.

It felt so unbelievably good, and I felt sexy as fuck for it being in the morning. Still using the bounce of the bed to our advantage, I started bouncing harder and faster.

I didn’t want to go too fast, as I didn’t want it to be over too soon. I didn’t want another quickie, but at the same time, I was already edging. I felt myself close to an orgasm.

I started moving harder and faster with the help of his hands on me and suddenly we were both moaning, succumbing to the build up of pleasure and ultimately our orgasms. I pulsed around his thick cock as I felt him cum inside of me.

I slowed, feeling every little aftershock rush through my body and then collapsed on top of him, his arms around me. We laid like that for a few minutes. I finally found the strength to climb off him and head to the bathroom. My mood instantly boosted from the after effects of a good orgasm.

But I still felt hungover as shit.

I got back into bed where we hung out for much of the day.

C and M wanted to head back to the strip once more, at night, so M could see the rest of the strip and all the lights. So we got ready and got an uber to the Bellagio where we started back out.

We had dinner at Bubba Gumps, which neither N nor I had ever tried before. It was so good and our waitress was amazing. We gave her a pretty good tip. (I think it came out to be about 30%).

C and M bought some stuff in the store and got a free shirt that they gave to me. BRIGHT FUCKING PINK. It’s now one of my favorite shirts.

After Bubba Gumps we headed back to the other side of the strip and made our way to the New York, New York. Bypassing the Park MGM. Which used to be N and my’s favorite hotel; the Monte Carlo. I was sad when I found out they renamed it and completely redid it.

We went into the NYNY which is my favorite hotel on the strip and went into Hershy’s world to look around. Then we made our way over to the Excalibur where C took a picture of N and I by the chapel. (It’s where we got married!)

We then went over to the Luxor as seeing this one was M’s goal. I love the Luxor. It’s so cool and pretty classy for the price. We tried to go up one of the elevators that go up at an angle, but you have to have a room key for that and neither of us have that.

We got an Uber and went back to Fremont where we spent the next couple hours just walking around.

We went into a store to get some waters and while we waited outside for C and M to pay for their stuff, N points out a guy behind me.

“That guy behind you is cracked out.” He said.

So I nonchalantly turned to look behind me, taking my time as to not let on to the guy that we had been talking about him.

The guy was sitting on the ground, talking to his hands! He was yelling at one while talking nicely to the other. This was the first time I had ever seen anything like that. It was strange and creepy. Drugs are seriously bad. Don’t do them.

We went back to the hotel and tried to go to sleep since we had to be up early to head to Salt Lake City. They turn the stage music up like 200% on Friday nights. We could make out every lyric of every song with our window closed.

It was the worst night of sleep ever. C and M even said they could hear the music that night. They were on the other side of the hotel.

Anyways, tomorrow I talk about SLC. Guys, I never thought it was possible, but SLC is WORSE than Vegas!



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