Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Five

The Dress

On Thursday we went back to the strip. This time we got dropped off at and went through to eat lunch at In N Out. (My FAVORITE fast food place.)

After we walked to the flamingo and went in and saw the flamingo habitat. Which is one ofy favorite attractions in Vegas.

N bought me this bracelet I have yet to take off.

We stopped by Fat Tuesdays and got our giant slushy drinks. C got the 100 oz one and it was hilarious watching her lug it around. N and I got two more cups to add to our collection. (a total of six now.)

Then we went to the Venetian to get some Macarons. (Anyone wanna fly me to Paris? 😍)

We walked across to Ceasars Palace where N, not knowing anything about high end designers, walked into a watch store and asked to see a watch. He asked how much it was and the person told him “Seventy-Four Fifty.” So he’s thinking that’s not bad. $74.50. Nope. He had it clarified that it was in fact $7450.00. To which he promptly told the person to take it back and left the store.

C and I wandered into Jimmy Choo and looked at their shoes. My favorite pair was pink and sparkly. Only costing *$1399.00* you know, just the small price equal to our freaking mortgage. (I’ll leave my address here if you wanna buy them for me.)

Just kidding. I could never justify owning shoes that expensive. Even if I was a millionaire. I’d be too scared to wear them. Shoes get fucking ruined.

Anyways, so we left Ceasars and got picked up at the Bellagio and went back to our hotel.

We got ready, C wore a dress and I changed into mine as soon as I saw hers.

I wish I would have gotten a picture. I felt so gorgeous. I went with the black dress from my Vegas dresses post. It was perfect.

This is the dress.

We went to a buffet, where I was definitely overdressed but buzzed so I didn’t care. And then we walked around some other casinos on Fremont.

Then we went back to our hotel for the night.

N hadn’t been able to keep his hands off me the entire time I was wearing it. And laughed when he caught a guy staring at me and said “She’s hot, huh?” The guy’s wife then caught him and promptly made them get in the back of the line.

N promptly removed my dress and I was left in my heels and panties. Not wanting it to go as fast as it had the day before, I didn’t allow him to remove anything else. I wanted to drag it out. Tease him a bit.

So we start kissing. His hands are all over me like we’re teenagers. He bends me over on the bed, removes my panties and pulls his thick dick out of his pants. He shoves it inside of me and fucks me hard.

I’m moaning loud again, not caring about the neighbors who decide to be so loud at 6am every damn morning. I’m enjoying myself. A LOT.

I’m dripping wet as he begins to slide his cock in and out of me fast and hard. When he suddenly stops, pulls out and flips me over. He rubs his hard cock on my clit, teasing me as I’m yearning for him to put it back inside of me.

I can’t stay still at this point and I’m trying to wiggle myself so that his cock slips inside of me. He’s laughing. He loves teasing me this way. And it’s such a rush to have him hold that kind of power over me.

He finally shoves it back inside of me and goes even harder. I feel myself getting closer to the edge and all I want to do is come.

“Don’t stop!” I beg him over the loud music from Fremont Street.

He stops and gets on the bed, urging me to ride him. No problem. I climb on top of him. He slips right inside of me and I start to ride him hard. He feels so good, completely filling me and I’m enjoying the bounce the bed gives.

I ride him harder and harder until suddenly the both of us are moaning and coming together. My orgasm takes over and I let it just wash over me.

I lay in the bed next to him and the both of us are just like “Damn” because we’ve now had sex two days in a row.

I really enjoyed my time in Vegas alone with N. It was nice to have some time to ourselves, but also to spend it with our two best friends.



4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Five

  1. Wow, the day and the sex sounds amazing…. Holiday Sex is the best, free and pure x
    Thanks for the post it excites us both

  2. Yes our best session was in a hotel in Newyork, full length windows with just see thru nets, 27 floors up in midtown, my wife naked, me hard and rampant, we pleasured each other for half an hour then had headboard banging sex, me on top, sideways, cowboy then she riding me, she came so hard and loud I pulled out and nearly hit the ceiling with my load….. I’m sure we were heard!

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