Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Four

From The Strip to Stripping

On our first official day there, we got an Uber and took it to the MGM Grand.

Our Uber driver was awesome. When he found out we were from Colorado he was like “ohh so you guys have the good weed”. Right off the bat he was talking to us about weed and sex. Arguably two of my favorite subjects to discuss with people.

He had us laughing the entire time and N got his number so we could call him for another ride.

M was not drinking that day due to going too hard the night before. Instead, he carried a camel pak full of water and then Powerade to try to recuperate. N and I had shots of whiskey in the hotel room and we were pretty buzzed when we got to the MGM Grand.

We took this picture by the fountain in the MGM Grand. I’ve actually never been into the hotel through those doors and had never even seen the fountain.

We signed up for the MLife players card. (I was already a member and just needed a new card.) The lanyard around my neck was holding all of my cards.

We walked through the MGM Grand and headed out to the strip where we went into M&M World and the coca-cola store snagging gifts for our kids.

We were hungry at this point and walked to the Miracle Mile Shops so we could get our FAVORITE sandwich place; Earl of Sandwich.

Cue M & N heading to the bathroom and getting LOST. (N can navigate back roads in Colorado like a pro but gets lost everywhere else if he’s without me. I’ve got a built in GPS system, I swear.)

Also, side story. Last time we were in the Miracle Mile Shops to use the bathroom some guy tried to sell us drugs.

“Whatchu want. I got a bit of everything. Weed, Coke.”

Drug Dealer

N: laughing “uh, no thanks. I think we’re good.”

Back to the story, we get our food and I begin to eat. I’m not sure what the heck happened but it was not as good as it used to be and we were both very disappointed.

After our disappiinting meal, we head down the strip and we go into the Paris Hotel because Paris is my favorite. So I go inside and go to walk around it and C stops me. They surprise me with taking me up the Eiffel fucking Tower!

(Fun fact: The Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel is exactly half the size of the real Eiffel Tower.)

Goal for next time: staying at the gorgeous Paris Hotel.

At this point we are pretty tired so we hit the gift shop where I’m surprised by a lighter from C and a shot glass from N. I also bought myself an awesome new notebook because well, I’m OBSESSED with notebooks.

So we head back to the hotel and decide to hang out a bit. We get freshened up and then head back out to find dinner.

We end up at Denny’s where I try to convince N we should renew our vows. (Because they do fucking weddings at this one.) Our waiter acted like waiting on us was the worst fucking thing ever. Seriously, don’t go to the Denny’s on Fremont Street. We leave and decide to walk farther down the street and we get to the El Cortez where both N and C KILL it.

After this, we walk over to The Container Park which is a park with shops and bars and at 9:30 the baby shark song starts and a voice says it’s time for all the baby sharks under 21 to leave. It’s literally open to adults and you can play on the equipment and just hang out.

As we were leaving we came across this room that’s FILLED with stickers and writing.

When we finally left, the giant ant sculpture starts dancing, playing music and blowing fire out of it’s antenna.

We headed back to our rooms at which point I slipped into my lingerie. A pink, lacy Teddy. It was my first time buying a one piece. I was slightly nervous but N LOVED it.

I felt incredibly sexy with this on. And will be buying more like this in the future.

I think I only wore it for about two minutes before it ended up on the floor and me naked on the bed.

There was no time for foreplay N and I had waited too long at this point to drag it out any.

He shoved his hard cock inside of me and fucked me hard on the bed. I couldn’t help the loud moans escaping my mouth. He filled me with every inch and pleased me in the most satisfying ways.

When he’d had a enough he pulled out, got on the bed and I rode him hard and fast the both of us orgasming, quickly and together.

You know those times when it feels so good and you just want to come so bad you don’t even care if it lasts five minutes? Yeah, it was like that.

Amazing, satisfying, and so fun. Next time I wear this, I’m gonna tease him a bit more.



One thought on “Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Four

  1. Sounds like an awesome finish to another day in Vegas! You must have looked even hotter in that Teddy, imagining you in it now Ashley…..

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