Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Three

Picking up where we left off…

N and I drive to Vegas and I let our friends know we are arriving early. They land in Vegas as we are getting closer to the city.

My excitement doubled as the city came into view.

“… until it’s Vegas everywhere we are”

(This photo was heavily edited as it was getting dark and there is a lot of smog. I made it easier to see.)

Our friends are leaving the airport as we pull off i-15 and of course, the first thing I do is give N the wrong directions. (my internal compass is amazing but Google maps is not.) But in the end, it worked out better because we went around the block and pulled into the parking garage from a right-hand turn instead of left.

We go inside and get checked into the Four Queens. And I’m told since we added an extra night we will have to make sure to be back there before noon to have our keys reactivated. I ask about connecting rooms, there are none but they will try to get our rooms on the same floor.

Then we head outside and wait. A few minutes later our friends arrive and the rush of excitement increases.

Our friends get checked in and we head to the car. Since we brought all their stuff with us. We grab our things and head up to the 11th floor. They are down the hall a bit and to the left from the elevators and we are on the opposite end of the hall, on the right side. Same floor so it’s okay.

Our room is right above the Freemont Street Experience and I’m not sure yet how I feel about it, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

The image I sent C to choose which shooter she wanted.

We all get freshened up and decide to hit Fremont. We do some shooters in the room and decide to hit up the ABC store for more, cheaper alcohol than the bars provide.

We sign up for the Four Queens players card and then head outside. We go into one store and the prices seem a bit high so we head the ABC Store. I buy an eight pack of KINKY shooters and N buys an eight pack of Jack Daniel’s.

We all have some shooters and decide to check out the Golden Nugget. When we go in there, drunk at this point, we sign up for a players card. The lady tells us the Buffalo machines by the other doors are hitting big so we go hit them up.

Right away C is kicking ass. She hits the buffalo bonus. Thus begining our “BUFFALO” chanting and an inside joke that has followed us home. (Legit I renamed our “Vegas Baby!” Group chat to “BUFFALOOOO”.

We have a couple more shooters and leave the casino. At this point I’m the most sober. I don’t want to be sick in Vegas so I decide to stop while I’m ahead.

We look at all the performers in their circles and the little booth like shops. Laughing at the funny tshirts.

N convinces M they should get a picture smelling the palm tree. M closes his eyes and N backs away. C snaps the picture and when he opens his eyes he realizes he’s been tricked. I was distracted by everything going on around me and honestly thought he was kissing it. I was like

We walk around a bit longer, enjoying the music and the Fremont Street Experience.

Then we head into The D. One of the hotels down there I HAD to check out. It’s beautiful. Upstairs they have old-school slot machines. When I first heard this I knew I had to check it out. I was excited to see some old-school Vegas stuff. But we don’t check it out because we all decide we are fucking hungry at this point and WHITE FUCKING CASTLE is across from our hotel so we go there.

M admits he isn’t feeling too well. Too hard the first night.

“Damn Mikey J! First time in Vegas and you went HARD.”

M leaves the line and to find a bathroom and none of us have any idea where he went. So N, leaves the line and goes to find him to see if he is okay.

C and I order and N comes back just as I’m ordering and says he can’t find M.

My only thought:

M calls C and tells her he’s in the bathroom at the D. Okay so right across from us. We were just there so we know where he is. We get our food and head over to find him. He finally comes out of the bathroom. Never actually got sick. But we are relieved we found our friend.

We decide to call it a night. It’s after midnight at this point. C had to work that morning so she’s been up since four AM. We head back to our rooms.

I put down the food and my things. N and I are drunk (him WAAAAY more than I) and just loving life.


N suddenly freaks out saying he LOST HIS FUCKING WALLET! I was so mad. He was way drunk. And that contained all his cash. But I was determined to find it.

“Let’s go look now. Before it’s too late.”

I grab my hotel room key and we head back to the elevators. We push the button and wait and N says “let’s go look in the room once more.”

We head back to the room, me in front like I’m on some sort of war mission. I look on the bed we aren’t going to sleep in that we’ve left all of our stuff on. He had been standing by it when he thought he said he lost his wallet.

It was on the bed next to my purse!

Relief washes over us like damn Niagra falls and we both laugh it off.

We enjoy our now semi-cold White Castle and then hit the hay. The music was so loud and we had specifically brought a fan, but it was quiet (WHY ARE ALL FANS THESE DAYS SO DAMN QUIET?!) so we heard the music all night.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got for this one. But I’ve got more stories. If you’re enjoying this, let me know by liking my posts!

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