Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Two

Read Story One Here.

The Drive

Picking up where I left off yesterday, we drove on through to our second destination; Mesquite, Nevada. I was so excited to be staying at the Virgin River Hotel and Casino because I had stayed there twice before. The last time was 8 years ago on our way to my oldest brother’s wedding in Las Vegas.

We stopped at a Love’s gas station in my birth city; Grand Junction, Colorado where I found the cutest hat for myself and one for my Best Friend, Cass. I couldn’t resist so I bought them both. I’ve recently grown to like wearing hats. There’s so many that are cute and it’s just fun to wear them sometimes.

We drove (starting in) Colorado, through Utah, Arizona and Finally Nevada! Here’s some pictures from our trip!


We get to the hotel and our room is available so we can check in early, sweet! We drive over to our room, and unload our things and we each have a couple jell-o shots. LET’S GET THIS SHIT STARTED RIGHT, RIGHT?

We go into the room and it’s outdated, but clean. Which is fine, I mean the room was ONLY $27. What more can we expect? Well, we were greeted by this wonderful sign that just gave us the creeps.

Granted I know there are plenty medical reasons for needles, but since the room is only $27.00 this is totally sketchy. So we laugh it off and decide to head into the casino area to have some fun.

We’re both starving and decide to not risk eating at their buffet. Instead we opt for their Cafe.

(FYI – The first mistake was booking the hotel in the first place.)

It took FIFTEEN minutes to get our drinks ordered and another TEN to get our food in. N and I ordered the same sandwiches with fries. After TWENTY minutes our food was finally delivered. After all the people that came in after of us, of course. Mine came out without cheese and we over heard another table complaining of their sandwich having cheese and how it wasn’t supposed to have cheese. Meaning my sandwich (ordered at least fifteen minutes before this other person) was switched with theirs.

We’re starving by this point and I just wanted to eat. If I complained I figured it would either come back with some unwanted extras or just not come back at all. No cheese? Not a big deal.

IT WAS THE WORST CLUB SANDWICH EITHER OF US HAVE HAD IN OUR LIVES. I can’t even describe how bad it was. The turkey was good at first and then it just became more and more dry. I’m not really sure how you can fuck up french fries, but they achieved this.

Our waiter never checked on us and it took another fifteen minutes just to get our check. We paid 10.00 for those sandwiches, EACH. NOT WORTH THE PRICE.

We leave and decide to just gamble and drink a bit.

We drank a bit. On top of half eating our lunch and the jello shots, we were feeling pretty good. We sunk way too much money into the slot machines. And it drives me nuts that we even spent another dime there.

We get bored, not wanting to spend all our money in MESQUITE. So we head back to the room and turn on the T.V. I’ve included an image of what we were greeted with.

So at this point, we’re considering just driving on to Vegas and getting an extra night at our hotel there. Our friends are arriving by plane that night so we could just meet them there. So we’re thinking about this and I step outside and not one minute later N is up and out of the room.


N – Making the executive decision to PEACE THE FUCK OUT.

He comes running out half-freaked out, half-laughing.


We were done. But the only problem was, N was still a little buzzed. So I packed everything back up and called about booking a room. I let our friends know that we had to wait for him to sober up and then we’d be on our way and we’d meet them there that night.

We impatiently waited until he was sober (He was only a little buzzed so it didn’t take much.) and then we left for Vegas.

I will never stay there again, nor will I recommend it. Pay double the price and drive the extra couple hours to Vegas. It’s worth it, I promise.

Make sure to check back on Monday. We are getting to the good parts!

Side Note: This sounds like I’m complaining, but it was honestly hilarious and made our road trip. The stories we got to take with us from the experience do make our little stop there worth it.



4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Road Trip – Story Two

    1. I was hoping someone would say that. 😂 We laughed all the way to Las Vegas about it. It’s now our inside joke “hey wanna go stay at the virgin river today?” “Only if we can make the wall shake.”

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