Las Vegas Road Trip-Story One

I’m back from my hiatus. Summer vacation has been more chaotic then I thought it would be. But this year TWO of my three kids will be going to school which will leave me with more time to focus on what I need to; writing and blogging. And my truly wonderful fan base. Love you all.

Our trip was a lot of fun and a lot of stuff happened in the first couple days. Which made for some great memories. I’m already missing Vegas so much and I’m beyond thankful to my mother for being a wonderful grandma which allowed us to go on this much-needed vacation.

Hotel Upgrade, Yo

We left at 6 PM and stopped by our friends house to grab a couple remaining things (we couldn’t forget those jell-o shots). They flew into Vegas on Tuesday night and rode back with us so we took their luggage in our car to save them from paying luggage fees.

We were supposed to leave on Tuesday July 23, but my mom told us just to head out on Monday. I’m glad we did for two reasons. One, it broke up the almost 11 hour drive to Mesquite for Nathan (and we didn’t have to leave at 3AM). He got the hotel room in Silt, Co for free with his rewards (all that traveling for work REALLY paid off). Two, when we got to the hotel, we were upgraded to a KING BALCONY SUITE. I’ve never seen a hotel room with a balcony before! It was gorgeous. I would pay to stay here again.

Lunchables For Two

By the time we reached the tiny town of Silt, CO (POPULATION 3,129 as of 2017) we found out there was no fast food around. Silly us, we decided to not stop for dinner because we just wanted to get to our first destination.

We could have drove thirty minutes up the road for some fast food, but we were exhausted. We, instead, went to the Kum & Go across the interstate to find something to eat. When we got there, there wasn’t much left, seeing how it was 10 PM, so we both opted for lunchables and a bag of chips. We went back to our hotel room and ate our lunchables at the table. Maybe it was the exhaustion of packing all day and then driving, but we found this predicament hilarious. Plus, I hadn’t had a pizza lunchable in a while. There were plates and a microwave in the room so it worked out perfect.

The bed was so comfortable. It was like sleeping on a cloud. The pillow and comforter were luxurious and I wished I could take them both. Nothing sexy happened the first night because we were both tired and anxious for the rest of the trip the next day.

The View

Since we got in late, it was dark and we couldn’t see much from the balcony. We thought we heard a river and were happy to find, in the morning, that we were correct. Both of us woke up early the next morning and stepped out just to see the view. I took this picture of the beautiful Colorado scenery. That river is pretty full and made me a little nervous. (Cue 1000 year flood memories from 2013.) Wouldn’t take much for it to flood. BUT, it was GORGEOUS nonetheless.

We ate the free breakfast, which included some pretty damn good biscuits and gravy. Then we hit the road by almost 8 am. Which was only an hour behind where we would have been had we left at 3 am that day like we had intended. It was so nice to stay somewhere I never had before. It was a great, relaxing start to our vacation.

Make sure to follow and check back, I’ve got so many other things to share with you guys. And I promise it gets sexier.



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