It’s such a simple, sensuous word. It gets my attention instantly. The second someone says the word, my ears perk up. I don’t like to evesdrop by but I can’t help it when I hear the word “sex”.

I like hearing the naughty details of everyone’s lives. The intimacy between two people is taboo and exciting.

“I like that thing you did last night.” the lady in the red tank top said to the man in the baseball hat.

“I can’t wait to do it again.” The man in the baseball hat says with a wink that’s so utterly obvious.

Just as she is about to respond, their waiter returns and the conversation ceases. So I sit and think about what it could have been that he did to her. The rings on their fingers indicate they are married. But is it to each other?

How many times in our lives have we been sitting next to what we thought was an innocently married couple when in reality it’s two co-workers sharing a passionate affair that neither of them can resist meeting in public.

A passion so intense that maybe they want to be caught? Maybe they want to be seen by someone they know. They would have their stories straight for sure, but that moment of almost being caught would only intensify the forbidden-ness.

“Any dessert?” The waiter asks.

“Sure. I think we will share the New York Style cheesecake. It’s our fifth wedding anniversary.” The man says.

The waiter leaves to fetch their order and the affair tale I’ve spun in my head evaporates like water on cement in July.

Sex can take us to forbidden places – like affiars or evesdropping – but it can also take us some place else. A place without worry or stress.

The chemicals our brains release after an orgasm seem to melt all worries away. All the day-to-day stressors are gone. You’re just left with this euphoric feeling like you are brand new. You’ve shed yourself of the negativity that life brings. And if it’s particularly satisfying, those feelings can last long after the passionate love-making you’ve just experienced.

I love a Quickie as much as the next, but a long, intensely passionate session is my favorite. I love it when N delays my gratification. He drags out the experience in such a way that he has me begging to let me cum. It’s the best fucking thing ever. The build up is my favorite part.


I’m sure everyone is wondering where I’ve been at. The truth is, I had a set back with my mental health that was pretty big. I was diagnosed with PPD back in Sept and had a set back recently.

But I started writing a nonfiction book on my mental health and honestly I feel so fucking great now. I’ve turned my thinking right back around and I cannot stress the power of positive thoughts. (Seriously. If you find yourself angry at everything and depressed, try each day to say one positive thing. You’ll see a change if you work at it everyday. Sure, it’s tough at first, but it pays off and is so worth it.) I’ve also been eating better and working out again and not only do I feel great mentally but I feel great physically.

I bought a new bikini and a slew of sexy clothes and I feel so fucking good about myself right now. Which only has made sex with N that much better.

I love feeling sexy during sex. It makes me feel so feminine and so, so powerful. It just makes sex ten times better because I know I’m sexy AF and I use it to my advantage during sex. ❤

I know this post was a bit of rambling. But I think you get my point. I love sex and MOST IMPORTANTLY,



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