Tuesday Tips – Nipple Play

Nipples. They are so simple yet so sexy. They can be such a great tool for both foreplay and sex. I love having my nipples played with and sucked on during and before sex. It intensifies the pleasure and my orgasm.

Here are some great ways to enhance your sexual experience by including nipple play.


Using your fingers is simple, really. You can lightly touch them by brushing your finger against them and making them hard. The harder they are the more sensitive they become. It makes them easier to play with. You can then tweak them between your finger and thumb, twisting them slightly with pressure can bring more pleasure. Depending on your partner’s sensitivity and preferences, you can pinch them. I personally prefer it when my nipples are pinched. The pleasure rushes through me and puts me on the edge of an intense orgasm very quickly


Using your mouth can change the pleasure you’re bringing to your partner. Kissing them first can be a turn on. But what’s even better is using your tongue. Swirling around the nipple and sucking on it can provide an instant orgasm for some people. Use your teeth to bring a different more intense pleasure. Much like tweaking nipples a little harder, using your teeth can bring more intensity to nipple play. A little nibble (or even a bite when your partner asks for it) can be a major turn on for some. If you have the green light, use your teeth to bring them closer to an orgasm.


Now nipple clamps are for those that like the pain. That like the intensity that it brings. This is more intense than using your fingers or teeth. You can use nipple clamps by themselves, just leaving them on the nipples or you can use the connecting chain to give a little tug, making the clamps pinch harder. The intensity here totally depends on your partner’s preferences so this should be something discussed before hand. I find nipple clamps to be super sexy.

When you’re fucking your partner, don’t forget to include the nipples. You want to bring as much pleasure as you can to your partner. Watching their orgasm can intensify your own. You’re the one in control of the best feeling in human existence. Nipples are pretty fucking sexy and shouldn’t be forgotten about.



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – Nipple Play

  1. Yes great post Ashley, I love sucking my wife’s nipples when going at it, it certainly helps bring on her orgasm, and sometimes I gently massage them through the bed sheet which she loves

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