Mutual Masturbation

Monday Masturbation is a sex blog meme created by Kayla Lords.

Mutual Masturbation is something it seems a lot of people don’t explore. Believe me, I get it. Heavy petting quickly leads to sex. All you want to feel is that person inside you or on you. You want to get to the best part quickly.

But mutual Masturbation can be an amazing bonding experience.

You control your partner’s pleasure. This can be drawn out in a plethora of pleasure. You can use your hands, slowly or quickly and make them cum hard.

Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral Stimulation may be the only way to get your partner off. They may only be able to cum with stimulation to the clitoris. In order to do this, you can use your fingers. Rubbing in circles around the tip of the clit can bring a lot of pleasure. Remember to not apply too much pressure as this could hurt and have the opposite effect. Too light of touching and it can tickle. Make sure you find the amount of pleasure your partner enjoys.

Vaginal Masturbation

When it comes to mutual Masturbation your dick is not something to use for vaginal stimulation. But toys or fingers can work amazing. A dildo or vibrating g-spot simulator can help.

Jacking off

You want to use plenty of lube to stimulate a penis. Doing can cause chaffing and can cause sores and make it quite uncomfortable. Do not hold too hard of a grip and don’t hold too lightly. Make sure you use a lube that is comfortable for this. Something not too slippery, something not too sticky, and definitely avoid lotions containing alcohol because it can cause irritation.

Anal Play

People might not consider anal play “masturbating” but when it comes to masturbating it’s whatever feels good to you. For mutual masturbation it’s whatever feels good to you and your partner. So with their permission, while jacking your partner off or stimulating their clit or vagina, slide one to two fingers inside of their ass. It can increase the pleasure and cause a more intense orgasm.


Toys can come in handy when having a mutual masturbation session. Anal beads, masturbation sleeves, clitoral vibrators, vaginal vibrators, and dildo’s are all great great additions to mutual masturbation. Whatever toy you include can increase the stimulation and pleasure for the both of you.


  1. COMMUNICATION – Communication is by far the most important tip. Make sure you are both communicating. You want your partner to know EXACTLY what you like and you want to know EXACTLY what they like. Communicating can help create a more intense pleasure.
  2. SPEED – Mutual masturbation can be done at whatever speed you choose, but it would be much better to go slow. Draw out the pleasure and let yourself have a more intense experience. Don’t make this a sprint. This is a 5K. Build up.
  3. TOGETHER OR APART – You both can masturbate for each other. You get yourself off while they are getting themselves off. You can turn this into a show. Be seductive with this. Another option would be to masturbate each other at the same time. Be forewarned that this can get awkward with the positioning and intertwining of your arms and legs. Toys would be better to use when helping each other out at the same time.

Remember that this is a way to explore the pleasure of yourself and your partner. You can find out exactly what you both like as well as learn from one another. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for five days of 50 years, mutual masturbation can be a great way to bond with your partner.



14 thoughts on “Mutual Masturbation

  1. It’s always a good time but definitely something that takes patience and understanding…as well as a boatload of discipline. We have been practicing for about a year and it’s definitely a challenge-you can learn so much about yourself and your partner so it’s such a great bonding experience.

  2. I’m a big fan of mutual masturbation! It’s a nice way to have an intimate, sexual moment even when we’re too tired for penetration.

  3. I love mutual masturbation. Recently I plan to find a way to practice it online with new people (possibly & of the proper age) — watch and get watched 🙂

  4. My partner and I often masturbate each other, slowly first then leading up to making each other cum at the same time… It sometimes works and she also likes to watch me Jack off in the shower…..

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