Masturbation Monday

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Masturbating, in my opinion, is one of the most important acts of self-love. I don’t think anyone should feel as if they cannot masturbate and I think some strict religious rules can cause a lot of harm. Masturbation is not only 100% natural, but it’s beautiful. For (insert your amount of time here) you are solely focused on yourself and your own pleasure.

Since today is Monday, I think I’ll spend some time with myself at some point. All three of my favorite toys are currently charging. (It would be a miracle if I could ever remember to charge them.)

I lay down on the bed, pants and underwear pulled down. It’s comfortable. The bed. I feel relaxed and horny. Ready to show myself some much needed me-time and self-love.

I’m excited as I turn my vibrator on and it buzzes to life. I slide my hand onto my clit and rub it. I’m instantly filled with a deep desire to orgasm. I arch my back as I play with myself more. The vibrator in my right hand makes it tingle. I palace it to my clit and let the vibrations continue to please me.

My toes tingle and I feel my pulse quicken as fantasies fill my head. With N on the beach next to the ocean. The sand beneath me. The ocean waves crash into the shore and lightly spray us.

I turn my vibrator up one click bringing a more powerful vibration between my legs. I turn it up more and more until it’s buzzing hard and I have to pull it away from my clit for a second. I place it back and begin to rub it.

The smooth silicone texture is like butter against my clit. I’m so wet I don’t need lube.

I press it harder against my clit as visions of N’s large cock takes me to another place. I’m lost in the sea of pleasure that’s washing over me. I’m so close I can taste it. Just a little more pressure, a little more movement and my orgasm takes over. I move my body and embrace the pure pleasure I’m feeling.

My toes curl and me head bends back. I moan as me release intensifies and then fades slowly. I soak up every single second of the immense pleasure. And then I lay there basking in the afterglow of my orgasm.

My participation in masturbation Monday is important to me, my mental health and my own sexual wellbeing and I encourage you all to participate.

Show yourself some much needed self-love today. ♥️



Masturbation Monday
Masturbation Monday by Kayla Lords Week 246

9 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday

  1. Whelp, I’m inspired. Let me go make sure my vibrator is charged. And I sincerely mean that. Sometimes even I need the reminder to get myself off and take the time for myself.

    1. I’m glad I helped you out there! I hardly ever remember to charge mine. I figured there had to be more people like me out there. Haha. I’m glad I inspired you!

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