Their bodies are pressed against one another

Naked and warm

Kissing hard

Their hands explore

Their mouths take over

They lose all control

Of themselves

With each other

They can’t stop

It’s far too late

The desire is intense

A shock runs through them

Of pleasure

As they connect in ways

Humans are meant to connect



Covered in sweat

They move together

In a tantalizing fashion

They don’t stop

They can’t stop

They’re in it too far

Sparks fly

Fireworks burst

They come together

Loud moans

No control

They come back down

Panting for air

They lay together

Wrapped up

In post-coital glow

Love or lust

No one knows

They just keep going

Down this road together

Each time better than the last

They can’t stop it

They’re addicted

To the sex

To each other

Fear holds them back

From what they want to say

But they know

That when they lay


It strengthens their bond

She won’t let go

He won’t let go

They just have to confess

Say those three words

And they’ll have each other

But they can’t

Fear stops them

So they won’t

They pull apart

She dresses

He says he had a nice time

She tells him the same

And soon enough

She’s gone

Just like the last time

Just like the next time

Forever stuck

In an emotional void

A stalemate

She won’t say it first

Either will he

Their hearts will forever remain


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