Tuesday Tips – Cleaning Toys

This post includes links to my pure romance website. I earn a commission off any sales.

A clean toy is a happy toy.

Or at the very least a clean toy is a happy genital. Seriously. I love my reviews (for various reasons 😘) but I never discuss the clean up.

If you don’t regularly clean your toys after masturbating and/or using them during sex, then listen up. This post is for you because cleaning your toys is very important. It’s especially important for those of us with vaginas, since a lot of times toys go inside. (And with clitoral toys, just because you aren’t inside doesn’t mean nothing can’t get inside.)

Do you know what could happen if you use a dirty toy? You will soon. Read on.

What can go wrong?

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Vagina’s are filled with bacteria. Both good and bad. And we all know that they are self cleaning. They balance out the bacteria’s for your own unique needs. But too much bad bacteria can lead to some really fun times.

  • -Yeast Infections
  • -Bacterial Vaginosis
  • -Urinary Tract Infections

None of those things are fun. All include some sort of pain or itching. And no sex. Some require cranberry juice. Not the concentrate. The bitter cranberry juice with no sugar that should only be had with some vodka and ice.

Do you know what could happen if you use a dirty toy?

If you are using those toys with a non exclusive partner, there’s also a risk of STI’s. (Please use condoms on any toys you are sharing with a non exclusive partner.)

How do I clean my toys?

Sure sometimes I might go a few days without washing my hair but I have to clean my toys after every time I use them. Just the idea of picking up a dirty toy and putting it anywhere near my vagina creeps me out.

The vagina is self cleaning, sure. But don’t let that fool you. A small increase in bacteria can throw it off and cause a heap of problems. This includes old bacteria from previous uses with sex toys.


Pure Romance Come Clean toy cleaner.
Come Clean Adult Toy Cleaner 8 oz – $18.00

I clean my toys with Pure Romance’s Come Clean toy cleaner because it’s safe and so easy. You just rinse the toy, spray it down and rinse it again. It doesn’t leave my toys dry like soap and water and I don’t have to worry about the soap getting inside of the toy.

This thing is perfect for cleaning all of the toys I have. C-rings, vibrators, dildos, etc. It makes it easy and then I just stick my toy back in it’s toy tote. (I’m ordering more so that I can keep all of my toys in their own cute bag. I’m a SUCKER for anything pink and black, haha!)

Don’t be lazy.

Keeping your toys clean is one of the most important things you can do for your sexual health. You can avoid a lot of infections and unpleasantness if you make sure to take care of your toys. Sure, you can go a few showers without washing your hair, but you can’t go a few sessions without washing your toys.

Take care of yourselves.



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