Masturbation Monday – Opening Act Review

I haven’t done a Masturbation Monday in a bit. I had another post planned for today, but I’ve tried something out as well as a friend and I just can’t go another moment without reviewing it for you all. How fitting that it’s a clitoral vibrator too.

Opening Act Clitoral Vibrator

Opening Act by Pure Romance Clitoral Vibrator Shown IN BOX.
Opening Act by Pure Romance $99.00

The design of this toy is gorgeous.

I love how it curves to fit perfectly in my hand. It makes it easier for holding in place. Now, I haven’t tried it with N yet so I can’t say if it’s easier for sex than others. But it is easier than others I’ve used during masturbation.

It’s smooth as butter. I’m not a huge purple fan, but I do like how the gold on the handle compliments the coloring.

This toy is rechargeable. Which if I’m being honest, I personally can never remember to charge these things. It was easier back in the days when all I had to do was find some batteries in a drawer or remote and call it good. But those ones never had quite the power I’ve found is in the rechargeable toys.

Speaking of power…

The Opening Act features 30 different speeds of vibration.

The variety you get out of this toy is more than enough to send you over the edge before even cycling through them all. It’s definitely one of the more powerful vibrators I’ve had and might even be in my top 3!

I can comfortably hold the handle while I rub it around my clitoris and it is pure heaven. It glides easily and I didn’t find any of the speeds to be too powerful and I was surprised by a few of the vibration patterns. There’s some I’ve never tried before. I like to be surprised by my toys so this was good to find.

Not only can it be used for masturbation, it doubles as a personal massager. Next time I pull this bad boy out I plan to use it on my lower back.

I highly suggest adding this toy to your warchest as I find it is the perfect addition. I’ll update this review once I’ve used it with N!

The Opening Act is part of our luxury collection of toys called Seductive Spotlight. I love it and honestly can’t wait to try the other toys in this line. The Opening Act is cleverly titled as it’s just for massage and clitoral play.

View the complete collection below and on my website. Message me at if you have any questions. Remember that this toy comes in the kit too. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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