My Brand Is Sex

I’m laying here in bed at 2:30 A.M. I’ve just checked my latest twitter poll that’s telling me I should do a sex-positive podcast over a sex-positive YouTube channel. And I’m really okay with that.

In fact, I’m thinking of what I’ll call it and what I might do for each show right now. It’ll take a little bit to get up and running. I know that. And I might need a little help financially. While I’ve been thinking about this, I’ve realized that I can continue with each of my recent endeavors. It might seem like I’ve taken on a lot but in reality it’s all the same.

I can run this blog, my publishing company, my pure romance business, and a sex positive podcast – because it’s all adult stuff. It’s all about sex. It flows together so perfectly.

My brand is sex. It’s really that simple. Though I’m not sure why I never thought of it before. I’ve always considered myself to be very into sex and I’ve always had a sex positive outlook. Being able to vocalize my beliefs and give tips and tricks and help couples get connected (or get connected with your sexuality) is fulfilling in a way I’ve never felt before.

Not with anything I’ve done in the past. No matter the passion I thought I felt for whatever ideas I had, it never compared to the passion I have for everything I have going on right now. It all intertwines together so nicely and I’m so fucking proud.

I’ve got so much going on but I feel like it all compliments itself. It’s as if I’ve got my own giant Adult Company. And I guess I do. It’s my image. My brand.



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