Wednesday Review – Double D’s Discreet Delights

Recently, in my town a new Lingerie shop opened up. My best friend and I went to check it out. The lingerie shop carries lingerie in ALL sizes and that’s what really interested us in the first place. If I’m being honest, my expectations weren’t very high for the plus size section due to how little they usually put out. When we walked inside it was set up like you’d find a clothing store. With racks filled with different lingerie.

It was founded on the idea of elite customer service and Denise, who owns and runs Double D‘s, is a delightful lady that made both my friend and I feel welcomed and not at all awkward. (You know those stores you go in where the people running them come off a bit weird.) She was very open and I felt comfortable being in the store.

All the items I saw were gorgeous and high quality. While the prices might come off as a bit “steep” the quality of the lingerie is definitely worth it! There were so many different styles of lingerie. The best part: every single type we saw came in SM-Plus-Size! Meaning the variety for Plus-size women was vast! Any plus size girl could walk in there and pick out the same style lingerie as someone that wore size small.

Towards the back, there is a shelf holding the boxed (or ultra-sexy) lingerie. The styles for plus size and non-plus size were a little different but a few of them were the same. The shelf came out as if to block off a section of the store.

What was it that was being blocked off? Well, a section of toys! I was surprised to see that they were selling toys there, too. (It was a happy surprise, fyi!) While the selection of toys was small compared to an adult toy shop, it was perfect. They had everything from edible panties, to coochie shave cream. From gag gifts, to vibrators, to dildos, to vibrating panties to toys for anal play.

I bought a gorgeous blue and white lingerie set. A baby doll and thong. Along with a vibrator. I also bought a couple sample packets of the coochie shave cream and will have reviews coming of all items soon!

This might just be my favorite lingerie shop and I can’t wait to go back! I’ve never been more excited about a lingerie shop before and everything that is sold there BLOWS any lingerie shop I’ve ever been to out of the water.

Thank you Denise for the wonderful experience. I’ll be back soon!



Check out Double D’s Discreet Delights Facebook Page!

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