Cam Girl Interview 1

I’m so excited to bring you all the first interview in my cam girl series!! I enjoyed talking to Emily and getting to know about her adventure in camming. Not only is she a cam girl, but she’s also the wife of one of my favorite bloggers! (After The Yes)

A: Do you watch other cammers?

E: I usually watch with my husband. 

A: What got you interested in camming? 

E: I started posting pictures and short videos of myself to raise my own self esteem. I managed to get so depressed about my postpartum body after I stopped nursing our last child that I was crying every time I looked into a mirror. I didn’t feel sexy anymore, I wasn’t fit like I used to be and I’d lost more weight in my breasts than I was accustomed to. My husband encouraged me to post a few anonymous pictures and videos for an anonymous crowd to judge me that wasn’t myself or him. Through this experiment I met another cammer and got to know her really well. I learned a lot more about how being a cammer that self produces can make a living off of this career in the entertainment world.

A: What do you enjoy about camming?

E: Since I’ve just barely started out I can say I enjoy being in front of the camera and the thrill of giving a show to the viewer, whether that’s my husband, girl friends or some anonymous people on the internet.

A: When did you start camming?

E: I honestly started sharing short videos of myself on r/baddragon because I had extremely low self esteem, to the point of depression. My husband was wonderful and told me everyday that I was beautiful but I had my doubts, heck I still have doubts about myself. After 3 kids your body changes a lot. I dropped most of the baby weight which thankfully wasn’t excessive but the most depressing thing for me was that I’d dropped in breast size to something I hadn’t been since prepubescence. I went from a 32 B, to a 32 C and then after this last child that I nursed I dropped all the way down to a 32 A cup. Which felt like a saggy pancake compared to my former size. My husband kept assuring me that I had a “porn star pussy” and that being a smaller size was perfectly fine and that I was still very much attractive. So my wonderful loving husband who has been wanting to share me with the internet told me that the people on r/baddragon (where we already would watch some videos from) would love to see the videos of me and my large apollo toy and eventually the rest of our bad dragon collection. I admit I was so nervous the first couple of times that I nearly had an anxiety attack when I saw the updoots hit 1.4k on just one of the videos alone a couple months ago. I was shocked lol.  I’m happy to report that a good chunk of anonymous people on reddit made me change my mind slowly but surely. It’s actually rather emotional for me to talk about it. The community in r/baddragon is full of so many wonderful people that uplift each other and it’s such a sex positive and body positive place! There will always be nay sayers of course, but the majority out weighs the few in that regard. I actually want to make content just to share with people there. We met Keri Berry and got to know her after joining her discord server. She’s been a blessing to me both mentally and emotionally. She’s helped encourage me to come out of my shell and be myself. Because of the reddit community I’ve met so many wonderful guys and gals. 

A: Do you have any advice for other people curious about camming themselves?

E: Start small. If you meet someone that wants to teach you and do a collab with you be patient because they are also busy with their own businesses.

A: What website do you use?

E: I am currently only on reddit and will have some collab videos up on a friend’s site this summer. 

A: Did you do research beforehand?

E: I did not. I started out by having my husband push the post button on reddit because I was too nervous to do it myself.

A: Do you collab?

E:We actually are planning to do a collab with Keri Berry sometime in May. I imagine depending on how quickly the footage is processed it will be up during near the end of May if not early June. Keri will be doing the editing and producing herself so it will be up on her ManyVids Producer website. 

A: How does your husband feel about it? Does he join you?

E: My husband for the most part is why I started doing this. It was his idea to help raise my self esteem and he mostly takes the pictures/ video recordings. I think it’s brought us closer together working on this together. He manages my DMs when they get creepy. He absolutely loves sharing me with the world. He will be joining at some point in the colab with Keri Berry since it’s a couple colab.  I’m being encouraged to see how much I want to do and if I can stay a stay at home mom while being home to raise my kids to me that’s the best bonus I could have.

A: What do you want the world to know about the camming world? 

E: We are all still human and wish to be treated as such. We all have our private lives  and we keep that separate from our “work lives”. Some of us mothers, wives, and girl friends etc. I do this because I enjoy bringing joy to others and it’s been an adventure trying to come up with new ideas and being apart of something again

Thank you so much, Emily for being the first person I interview! Thank you for allowing me to share this with the world.

Please make sure you show her some love. Below are ways to find her videos and don’t forget about the blog ran by her husband!

social media sites :

The colab will be posted for sale on here:

And of course the blog site:

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