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The Boss Babe

Sarah walked into the bar. No one knew who she was in this tiny dive bar on the east side of town. The side that no one ever ventured out to. But she did. She needed new workers and knew that finding them in a bar was perfect.

She sat down at the bar and ordered a gin and tonic. Then she watched the girls and guys as they mingled together. She watched them interact with each other. Flirt and talk and kiss and dance. She watched it all from her bar stool. She studied them. She zeroed in on a couple that was dancing on the dance floor. They would be perfect.

The guy was tall, had dark hair and was covered in tattoos. His t-shirt clung to his biceps. She had long dark hair, was in a tiny little red dress and was curvy beyond belief.

She got off the bar stool and walked toward the couple.

“I’m sorry to interrupt. But I was at the bar watching you guys and thought you would be perfect. I want to offer you both a job.” She said, her back straight, chin held high. She was confident.

“What kind of a job?” The woman asked curiously. She stood in front of her man as if Sarah might just dig her claws in him and take him from her. Sarah wanted to laugh. She was bi-sexual. She was attracted to both of them. And in that moment she would have rather taken the woman than the man.

“Can we talk some place quieter?” She asked.

“Sure, my cousin owns this bar. I’m sure we can use his office.” He said.

Sarah followed them up the stairs in the back and down a hallway. He knocked on the door, no response and opened it. The three of them went in and found seats. The couple sat on the small couch, which Sarah thought was also perfect, and she sat on the moving chair that was behind the desk. She pulled it over to them.

“So what kind of a job?” He asked.

“Well, first of all my name is Sarah Marks.” She began.

“Oh shit.” Said the girl. “The Sarah Marks?”

Sarah nodded her head. She had a reputation and she loved it.

“Wait, you’re the lady that runs that sex club?” The guy questioned, a look of genuine interest and surprise on his face.

She nodded. “I am. And I’m sorry to be so forward, but I saw the both of you dancing and it was so hot I couldn’t not come talk to you guys. I’m sure you know it’s not an average sex club. There’s areas for people to fuck for entertainment purposes. Like live-action porn.”

“Yes?” Questioned the woman. She was clearly into the idea and was probably already three steps ahead of Sarah.

“I want you guys to come work for me. You two are what I’ve been searching for, for months now. My main show. My main event. Of course only on the weekends.”

The girl’s jaw dropped open. “Seriously?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” He said. “Guys checking out my girl pisses me off. They’d be watching her naked.”

“They’d be watching you pleasuring her.” Sarah said.

They looked at one another. A secret conversation passing between the both of them.

“What about pay?” The guy asked.

“I was thinking fifteen hundred per night. Each.” She watched their eyes go big. 3K for the couple each night would be easily earned back (and then some) in the patrons they attracted.

“What do we need to do?” He asked.

“Well for starters, I need names.” Sarah realized she’d never even asked that.

“I’m Angel and he’s Tony.” Angel said.

“Okay and I would need an audition.” Sarah said.

“An audition?” Tony asked, perplexed.

“Yes, I mean you guys seem perfect but I don’t know how you guys look fucking. I wanna know that you guys can put on a show.” Sarah said.

“So, like right now?” Angel asked.

Sarah nodded. “If you don’t mind. I’d really like to get you guys going by next weekend.”

“I don’t know. To be put on the spot like this…” Tony started to say.

Sarah had plenty of workers that were shy at first. She knew how to get them out of their shell. Break them out of their comfort zone.

“No pressure. It’ll be like I’m not even here. You just focus on each other and the experience of sex.” She said.

“I’m always trying to get him to do camming.” Angel said. She blushed like she had admitted some deep twisted fantasy when in reality camming was so normal. Sarah had plenty of people working for her that also cammed on the side.

“I guess it could be fun to watch the guys drool over you while I get to fuck you.” He said to her.

She smiled. “And the money. 3K a weekend. That would help so much. That’s like 12k a month.” She said.

His eyes went wide again like he hadn’t thought about the monthly total. “We’ll do it.” he said to Sarah.

“Okay, shall we begin?”

Tony turned to Angel and grabbed her head. He brought her to him and kissed her mouth. Their kissing was highly erotic. It was sexy. Sarah saw no signs of too much saliva or the type of kissing that looked more like they were eating each other’s faces. No, their kissing held nothing of that and Sarah felt herself getting turned on. This was a good sign.

She watched as they continued on. Tony and Angel stood up and he helped remove her dress, sliding it down her body. It fell to the floor at her feet and she stood before him in only a small, red g-string and heels. Her perfect d-cup natural tits were exposed and her perfect pink nipples were already hard.

Tony used his mouth on each of her nipples. He sucked, bit and licked each of them. Whichever one he wasn’t focused on with his mouth, he used his other hand to play with it.

Angel moaned as he slid his hand down her body and rubbed her clit through the cloth of her g-string.

Sarah was happy with their performance so far. Angel moans were sexy and not over-the-top. They didn’t come off as fake and Sarah loved it.

Tony stopped what he was doing and unbuttoned his pants. His pants and boxers came down in one swift motion and his cock sprang out. It was hard, and large. Both girth and length. Angel dropped to her knees and grasped his cock in her hand. She moved her hand up and down, looking up at him. He sucked air in through his teeth as she lightly touched him, teasing him. Then she opened her mouth and used her tongue on the head of his cock. He moaned lightly, his hand on her head.

She stared up at him and opened her mouth wide. He pushed forward and she took him all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged slightly and then pulled him all the way out. She moved her head back down, taking him all the way in her mouth again. She continued this a few more times before she used her hand to grip his balls. He tossed his head back, his hands in her hair and started to thrust in and out of her mouth. He held her head still and she just held her mouth opened while he started to fuck it.

“Oh fuck.” He said quietly.

He pulled Angel’s head back and helped her stand. He pulled her g-string down and bent her over the couch. Sarah expected him to start fucking her doggystyle but instead, he used his fingers. He put one inside of her and moved it in and out. Angel moaned and told him how good that felt. He slid another finger inside of her and began to work her harder. His two fingers paused inside and Sarah figured he was moving them around as Angel couldn’t stand still. She gripped the couch, turning her knuckles white.

“Oh my God. Don’t stop.” She begged. “Please don’t stop.”

He started shoving his fingers in and out of her again, hard and fast. The movements causing her legs to shake and suddenly her moans changed and she was louder. Sarah could see liquid squirting between her legs.

A SQUIRTER! It was perfect. She didn’t have one at her club yet. She was excited to have found one.

Tony pulled his fingers out of her and then put his cock up to her pussy. He pushed himself inside of her slowly. He worked it inside of her pausing now and then. Sarah could tell she was tight and his big dick was almost too big for her. But it was perfect at the same time.

Once he was worked inside of her, he moved himself in and out, slowly at first. Angel moaned as his thick cock slid all the way inside of her and then came almost out of her and her moans quickened as his pace did.

Sarah watched Angel reach between her legs and begin to rub her clit and in just a few more thrusts from Tony, she started moaning like before. Tony pulled his cock out as she squirted everywhere again. Sarah let out a gasp. She was so turned on.

Tony sat down on the couch and Angel sat on him, facing him, straddling his legs. He held his cock up and she moved down on him. Angel grabbed his shoulder and leaned back slightly and began to move her body up and down on him.

“fuck I love your pussy.” Tony seemed to gasp.

“I love your cock.” Angel said, her voice was breathy like she couldn’t focus on talking. “Mmm” she moaned. She was moving her body up and down slowly. Sarah imagined her feeling every inch of his thick cock and found herself wishing she was Angel.

It took everything in her to not start rubbing her clit. She liked to hold herself in a professional manner and never ever masturbated in front of her workers. But sometimes, she’d be watching the monitors in her office and would pull out one of the toys she had in a locked drawer and would masturbate. She liked keeping that dirty secret to herself.

Angel started bouncing harder and Tony grabbed her luscious hips. He put his face against her tits and started sucking and kissing them. She leaned forward into him and started working his cock harder. She moved her hips back and forth, grinding into him and bouncing all at the same time.

“Oh fuck!” Tony called out.

The both of them melted into their orgasms. Their moans mixing together, their movements slowing down until they both stopped and collapsed against one another.

“That was so hot.” Sarah said and grabbed the tissue box off the desk and handed it to them.

Angel winced as she stood up and his cock came out of her. She grabbed a tissue and cleaned herself up. Her face held that post-coital glow that Sarah knew her face looked like after sex.

“I have to admit it was pretty fucking hot having someone watch us. I almost came right away.” Tony admitted.

“Yeah, I came so easily.” Angel said. She was a little wobbly and Sarah figured her legs were shaky from the amount of orgasms she had.

“You’re a squirter?”

Angel smiled at Sarah, “yeah. Would that be a problem?”

“No. Oh my gosh. I’ve been wanting a squirter for a while. You both are perfect. That was an amazing show you put on. Could you do that twice a week?” Sarah wanted them more than that, but she didn’t want to strain their relationship either.

“Yes.” Angel and Tony said at the same time, they looked at one another and laughed.

They got dressed and the three of them left the office. Sarah handed them her business card with the address and her direct line and told them she’d see them next Saturday. They went their separate ways and Sarah was confident she just hired the couple that would push her business into a whole new territory of 0’s.

And maybe one time they’d let her join.

I hope you enjoyed this story! Let me know in the comments if you did! Thank you all for the support and just being amazing. I’m so incredibly grateful for all of you.



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