Tuesday Tips – Love Yourself

Confidence is not only sexy, but it’s so good for you. Not only can confidence lead you to have a better sex life, it can lead you to have a better life period. Don’t let your self-consciousness hold you back in life. Learn how to love yourself.

Stop Being Self-Critical

This is one of the most important parts of finding self-love. Stop critiquing every aspect of yourself. Especially, in public. Chances are what you are worried about and what you think about yourself aren’t even on the minds of other people. Think about the way you want to be treated by others. Does your internal monologue mirror that? Or is it reflecting horrible things that would hurt coming from other people?

Compliment Yourself

Instead of being nasty toward yourself, tell yourself things you’d like to hear from other people. Look in the mirror and say them as if you are genuinely talking to someone you care about. “Your hair looks amazing today!”

Every time you pass by a mirror or look in the mirror give yourself a compliment. It can be a tiny one about how cool your outfit is. Or how brilliant you are. Just make sure to say something nice.

Get Rid of People That Bring You Down

Don’t keep relationships with people that leave you feeling down or stressed out. It’s only hurting you more. Get rid of the negative people. The ones that feed off drama and only have negative things to say. Even if you are close to them. If you don’t, you’ll only ever feel bad as you continue to talk to and be around those people. (This goes for the liars, manipulators, narcissists, & sociopaths in your life.)

Train Your Brain

It takes a lot to build your confidence. You have to train your brain. Every time you notice a negative thought, think of something positive. It’ll help counteract the negative feelings associated with negative thoughts. Before you know it you’ll be thinking more positive things and your confidence will rise.

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