Tuesday Tips – Sensual Massage

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Massages are one of the best things ever invented. But a sensual massage can make you feel even better.

One of my biggest fantasies (that’s been completed once already) is getting a massage that leads to sex. A slow, seductive, sensual massage that drives me wild and leaves me yearning for cock.

Get Ready To Give A Sensual Massage


First you need some good body oil or a massaging oil/lotion that not only smells good but is easy to work with. You don’t want something that’s too slippery or something that dries too easily. But, you also need to pick which one feels right for you (or your partner). Everyone’s preferences are so different.

Here are a selection of sensual massage oils for you to look into and find which one is right for you.

My personal favorites? Candle Massage Oils. There’s something so sexy about hot candle wax being poured onto my skin followed by a sensual massage that just makes the experience so much more thrilling. Since there are none on Jack & Jill’s website here’s a suggestion for you:

Ignite Massage Oil Candle

Ignite Massage Oil Candle – Kamasutra.com $22.99


Light up some candles even if you aren’t using them for the massage or candle play. They can make the atmosphere more alluring and sensual. If you don’t have candles, dim the lights. You want the room to be relaxing so your partner (or yourself) can enjoy everything that’s happening to them and not be distracted by anything else that’s going on.


Nothing sets the mood like music does. I’ve got an entire playlist just for sex. You should have one, too. It comes in handy for times like these. Put the music on and get you in a move.

Get Naked

A massage requires bare skin to make it move along smoothly. But a sensual massage requires complete nakedness. Don’t give a sensual massage to your partner that’s half dressed. Get completely naked, lay face down and let the fun begin. If you don’t feel comfortable being fully naked, wear a pair of sexy panties or boxers.

How To Give A Sensual Massage


While your partner is laying on their stomach use the oil you purchased for this and later up your hands or pour it directly on them, especially if you’ve chosen the candle. Let it warm up and melt and use the little scoop (if yours came with one) or just directly pour some onto your partner’s back.

Use your hands to rub around, starting with their shoulders. Go gently, slowly, smoothly. Give them the chance to relax into the massage. This part should be almost like a normal massage. Release their built up tension with your hands and fingers. Move down their spine to their lower back. Massage the entire back.

Use different techniques: kneading, stroking, compression.

Now the fun part: sensuality.

After massaging your partner’s neck and back, it’s time to move on to where it will really drive them wild. From the perspective of a female here’s what I like done to me.

Start with the thighs, rubbing each side slowly but with pressure. Just enough pressure to please. Move your hands from the back of the knee up to below the the butt where you’re right next to the pussy. It makes me think my pussy is about to be rubbed when in reality it’s not and this only makes me yearn more.

Do this a few times to drive your partner wild and then move on to the calf muscles and feet. Massage them slowly, dragging your hands along and squeezing ever so softly. Move back up to the thigh only this time once you reach her ass, don’t stop. Keep going and massage her ass.

The butt is a very erotic area of the body and perfect to include in a sensual massage. Massage each cheek slowly working it just like you would the thighs. Squeezing each cheek and bringing your fingers near her pussy. You should be able to feel the moistness (sorry to those of you that hate this word) of her pussy slightly.

Move back to the thighs or back and continue to avoid her pussy. This will leave her wanting you even more and will draw out the pleasure. Finally, when you’re ready to, start with the ass, as you’re massaging her ass cheeks once again, use your fingers to begin to lightly rub her pussy. Start with the clit and don’t go right inside. You need to warm her up even more. Teasing is essential here.

Once you feel she’s warmed up or you just can’t handle it anymore. Finger her pussy good. Make her cum, or at least edge and then fuck her until completion for you both.

Sensual massages can be a great way to spice up your relationship or even just a fun little surprise. (Looking at you, N. ;)) Do you enjoy sensual massages?



3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – Sensual Massage

  1. Candles are absolutely essential here. They do so much. Lighting, scent, the massage medium itself. Dimming the lights is cool too and requires a lot less setup but don’t use that as an excuse to not have at least a good helping of tea light candles laying around. You don’t have to go spend 100 bucks at Yankee to get this done! Also I’m totally checking out that candle with the spout.

    1. I agree! Though N loves expensive candles haha. But yes tea lights can get the job done! Candles just make the atmosphere more sexy. I love massage oil candles so much!

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