A Panty Theory

Recently N and I have been having sex more than once a week. It’s been pretty awesome. I don’t know if this blog has something to do with it or we’re just hornier. Either way, it works.

I have a pair of panties, that seem to drive N wild. I noticed it for the first time when I wore them a couple Thursdays ago. I walked out of the bathroom in a shirt and the thong and sex was almost instant. This is where my theory started. Was it me? My new found confidence? Or was it the thong? I was more than sure that it was the thong.

My Sexy Thong from Victoria Secrets

Monday night found me strutting around in the same thong (washed, of course) to see if my theory was right . Sex was almost instant again. Proving my theory correct. Though I’m sure my new found confidence also plays into this as well since confidence is sexy.

The pair of panties seems to be N’s favorite on me. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get him to want to fuck me, but these panties seemed to be an instant turn on for him. I wore them one other time since I tested my theory and once again, we had sex.

I know it’s not just because I was in panties, I sleep in just my panties and one of his shirts regularly. This specific pair seems to be an instant turn on for him. I put them on and we have sex. It never fails.

(P.S. this was the last time I ever shopped at VS)

Do you have a favorite pair of panties/boxers that seem to drive your SO wild? Or have a favorite pair of your SO’s that drives you wild?



One thought on “A Panty Theory

  1. Yeah, Emily has a pair that does that to me. I dunno what it is. There’s nothing particularly special or revealing or anything else about it except that it just seems to suit her in a way that requires I fuck her.

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