Trojan Vibrations Ultra Touch Review

Review time, baby.

N and I were at Target one day (sans kids) and decided to just go for it to try some of these items out. On our trip we picked up the Trojan Vibrations Ultra Touch. I was very interested in this as it is sold almost everywhere, and I’ve always thought “how good can it really be?” Well I’ve finally had my opportunity to review it.


I was excited, as I always am to test out something new. Though my experience with bullets has always been less than thrilling. I still wanted to give it a chance. To be honest, if it was just the bullet I wouldn’t have bought it. The finger tip grip is the part that interested me the most.

I wasn’t expecting it to come inside of a package like this inside of the box, but I found that to be unique and not a bother. It’s just an extra level of protection. (Though I’m sure no one would pull one out in the middle of Target and use it anyways but would that really surprise anyone at this point?)

It included batteries which I was excited about. I had forgotten to check/purchase batteries in the store. (It’s always such a pain when they don’t include batteries because it’s like I want to try that shit right away.)

As you can see from the above picture it is a small bullet with a silicone finger wrap. There’s a slot for your finger (the left side) and a grooved area (the right side).

I turned it on and it seemed very powerful. It got me a little more excited. But then it came down to the actual test. I put it to my clit and hardly felt it at all. (This typically happens with me with toys with silicone attachments. I need full power to please me.) I removed the grip to see and of course it wasn’t that great. It was another bullet that vibrated “hard” but once applied to my clit I couldn’t feel it enough.

I put the grip back on and found that if I rubbed my clit slowly it did provide me with some pleasure from the grooves. It gave it a unique feeling but it was way too much work for what should have been a quick sesh.

All in all, I give it ⭐️⭐️. (Out of five.) That second star is only because of the grooved side and the convince of having a finger holder.

I would not purchase this toy again and it will most likely end up buried in the bottom of my toy box.



2 thoughts on “Trojan Vibrations Ultra Touch Review

  1. Putting supermarket stuff like this through the ringer is almost certainly more helpful and more applicable to more people than the crazy niche stuff I’m doing. Well done. Not leaving my niche though. We’re addicts.

    1. I’ve been wanting to try them for however long they have been in supermarkets and figured now that I run this blog I feel like it’s my responsibility to review them. Lol. I still want to try their normal vibrator but they didn’t have any in stock when we bought these things.
      If it wasn’t for your blog, I’d have no idea about indie toy companies or crazy dildos with bumps and stuff! (That I want to try so bad now!) Keep up your good niche work!!

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