Tuesday Tips – Use Your Lips

Lips are an erogenous zone, did you know that? An erogenous zone is an area of the body that is sensitive to sexual stimulation and your lips are a big one for this.

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Kissing is so sensual and sexy. I remember the first time N kissed me. We’d hung out two nights in a row and he’d left me with only a hug. I was beginning to think he wasn’t that into me when he drove 30 minutes out of his way to my house after work the third day – just to see me. And for the first time he kissed me.

It was the BEST kiss of my entire life. We followed this up the following weekend when we took a trip to Grand Junction and spent one entire night just kissing. We still hadn’t had sex (mostly because we were in a suite with one bathroom and my mom was in the next room and she might have needed to use the bathroom. Also, I think he was trying to take his time with me.) and we just laid their making out. It is one of the most erotic memories I have of N and I cherish it still to this day.

The lust I felt pulsing through my body. The deep need to want to have sex with him. It was all triggered by that one make-out session. His lips, full and soft were pressed firmly against mine and our tongues moved in-sync. He wasn’t slobbery, he didn’t open his mouth to big or too little. It was perfect. And it always has been.

I crave nights of just making out with N. The way he kisses me could send me into an orgasm if he did it for long enough and that’s because the lips are such a big erogenous zone.


Take care of them.

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Don’t let your lips get dry. Make sure you are well hydrated and use chap-stick regularly if you are prone to dry lips. Lip scrubs are also something that is great at keeping your lips smooth and kissable.

Practice makes perfect.

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If you are worried that you aren’t a good kisser, there’s something you can do about it. Practice! It’s simple, practice on your pillow, or your hand, or a mirror. You don’t have to be a conceited egomaniac to make-out with yourself. No one ever has to know how you practice. Just that you’re good at kissing. Don’t open your mouth too much. Don’t open it too little and don’t force your saliva into some else’s mouth. None of this is pleasant. The best way to see how much you suck or how good you are is to make out with your mirror. Where you’ve kissed should show up as smears on the mirror and that way you can see if you’re super sloppy or right on.

Remember to use your teeth.

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When kissing, a little nibble on the lips is sexy. Don’t do a full-on suck (unless you’re into it) but it’s definitely a lot more sexy for a little nibble with teeth than it is to have your lip sucked into someone’s mouth.

Lips feel good elsewhere, too.

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Don’t forget that kissing feels erotic and sexy on other areas of the body. Don’t just stick to the lips. Kiss the neck, shoulder, collar bone, chest, stomach, thighs. Kiss lightly and use your lips to tease your partner either into submission or into orgasm. Or even just close to orgasm. You’d be surprised by how aroused and close to orgasm you can get your partner just by using your lips.

I challenge you to ask your partner how good of a kisser you are. Communicate. Ask if there is anything you need to change about your kissing methods or if there’s an area of their body they preferred to be kissed. If they give you feedback that might not be what you are expecting, don’t get down on yourself. Use these tips to up your A-GAME and surprise them. With communicating you only enhance your sexual abilities. Don’t be afraid to communicate. ❤



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