Masturbation Monday – Squirting

Are you a squirter? Have you met a squirter? Do you consider it the unicorn of sexuality due to it’s rareness? If so then nice to meet you, I’m a unicorn.

Squirting has long been seen in porn while it’s hard to find in the real world. It’s really not that hard to squirt, but I’ll talk about that later. This was sent into me by a follower who really wanted me to do a post on squirting. (Send me your ideas, tips, questions and stories!! I love reading them and posting about them!)

Hey Ashley.

Have you ever squirted? I just did for the very first time last week. I didn’t think it was possible. I was using my toy enjoying my time and I used a tip I read on the internet once that I kind of thought was foolish but was also pretty curious about. So I pushed as I came and omg. My sheets were soaked. I was terrified I’d peed the bed. But the “liquid” was different. I’d really like you to do a post on squirting because I think more women would be able to do this if they knew how easy it was.

All my best, L

Now L, I believe you are absolutely right. I think more women could do it if they tried. Sure there are probably some that just can’t do it and THAT’S OKAY TOO, but I think more women would be surprised by how easily it actually is. I’ll share the story of my first time.

It was back before N when I was dating this douche-bag of a guy, so it’s not my favorite story to share. But I was masturbating (yes, for him) and he told me to push as soon as I felt my orgasm start. I was rubbing my clit, vigorously because I was horny and ready to orgasm. And despite him being the person watching me, I found it hot to have an audience. If I’m being honest, I was picturing other people watching me. Otherwise I never would have gotten off. I digress… So, there I was rubbing my clit and as I came, I pushed and liquid squirted out of me! It was the most exhilarating thing I had ever experienced and it definitely made me feel proud that I was able to do it. Which tells me – more women are capable of doing the same thing. You just have to learn how to.

What is The Liquid?

It’s highly debated over whether it’s an actual female-ejaculate similar to semen or if it’s just plain urine. People have been studying this for some time and speculate that it does come from the Skene’s Glands which is basically the female prostate gland.

BUT only a small amount comes from that gland. It does in fact come from the bladder as there really is no place else for the liquid to come from. An extensive study included ultra sounds of the bladder before begining masturbating, right before orgasm and after everything was done. This proved that it does come from the bladder. Some women are able to squirt just female ejaculate which is the white liquid while most who do fountain-like squirting produce a liquid combined of both the white stuff and urine.

Don’t let that deter you though. Squirting is still magical and sexy as fuck.

Now I could write an entire post alone on how to squirt but I’d rather just link you to this amazing website titled School of Squirt. I think they can teach you so much more than I have time for in this post.

Let me know in the comments if you have squirted or if you are going to now try it!



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