Fantasy Friday

What’s your biggest fantasy? Is it to have sex on the beach as the ocean waves gently roll up beside you? Is it to visit a sex club and take part in an orgy? Is it to dress up as Harley Quinn and seduce Batman? Whatever it is, I’m going to bring it to live in a fictional story. Right here. Every Friday.

On Twitter this morning I tweeted this:

And I’m excited for the responses I’ve received and I can’t wait to write about them all these are some seriously awesome fantasies. I’ll add credit to the author of each original fantasy, of course because it’s only fair.

The first story is a twist on a fantasy a friend of mine recently told me they had. Enjoy

The Naughty Nanny

Being a nanny has its ups and downs. I’m not a live in nanny but I nanny from 7AM-7PM 7 days a week. My only bit of free time is at night when I’ve been released from my job. I get paid well enough that looking for another job would be foolish right now.

I’m in my late twenties and single and I’ve been at this job since my ex-fiancé cheated on me and left me for the other woman. So I’ve never had a chance to actually enjoy being single.

One night as I was driving back to my crappy one-bedroom apartment and thinking about how life sucking my job was, I happened to run into the father of the kids I nannied for. I pulled up to a gas pump and there he was, at the pump next to me, snorting Cocaine off a girl that appeared to be barley legal while his sparkly Maserati GranTurismo filled with gas.

He looked over just as I put the pump into my car and a look of pure fear crossed his face. He looked in the mirror, wiped the white power from his nose and stepped out of the car.

“Hello, Monica.” He said.

“Hello, John.” I said trying hard not to be awkward in this more-than-awkward situation.

“So I’m assuming you saw?” He asked.

I contemplated my moves. Blackmail or forgiveness? Since I was feeling low and insecure I chose blackmail. “Of course I saw, John. Good thing I’m not a cop.”

He laughed uncomfortably “yeah, good thing. So what are we going to do about this?”

I shrugged. “I don’t really know. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your high society buddies at the club finding out about this.” I was being petty and I knew it. But I didn’t care. For the first time in my life, I had the upper hand here.

“You’re right. So how much?”

“Excuse me?”

“For your silence. How much?” He finished filling the tank and replaced the nozzle.

I looked in his car at the girl that was sitting in there and raised an eyebrow.

“What? She’s over 18.”

“What, by a day?” I laughed.

“Two months.”

My jaw dropped, I hadn’t expected that answer when I poked fun.

“And you’re giving her coke?” I asked.

“No. That was just for me. She declined to do any. Please, tell me what I can do to make sure you keep this little secret?” He might as well have been on his knees begging me not to tell his wife, because that was the look on his face.

I bit my lip. John was sexy as hell for 45. He was tall with dark hair, dark eyes and sexy as hell dimples. The five o’clock shadow on his face would have been sexier if I wouldn’t have just seen him snorting cocaine. He had obviously been doing it for a while. All of his late nights made sense now and I wondered if his wife even realized.

“Listen, Liv has been sleeping with our pool boy for like a year. Maybe longer. Before that, it was the tennis coach. I kept it in my pants as long as I could, but I’ve got needs Monica.” He said.

I jumped at the sound of the nozzle clicking off. I pulled it out and put it away and closed up my tank. Then I turned to John. “Meet me at the Hilton by LAX in five?”

“I’m gonna take her home.” He said with a thumb pointed behind him. “Think you can make it 25?”

I shrugged. “Why not?”

“Give them my name. I’ve got a standing reservation there.” He said.

I shook my head and wondered what it was for but it didn’t matter. Because tonight I was going to break my dry spell. If he wanted to be sleazy, then I was going to take advantage of him, or rather, his cock.

I got back in my little dodge dart and he got back in his car and we drove in separate directions. I didn’t have to worry about him not showing up. The man was just as desperate as I was and there was no way he didn’t know where this was headed.

Exactly twenty-five minutes later, there was a knock on the hotel room door. Which was a lot more awkward to walk in and use his name. They eyed me like I was another one of his high-class-call-girls.

I let him in and we went into the bedroom of the suite and sat on the bed.

“So why the Hilton and not the Four Seasons or Waldorf?” I asked. This seemed a bit beneath him.”

“Liv hates Hilton, and she wouldn’t be caught in the one next to the airport especially. So it’s perfect.”

“Damn. You’ve got it all figured out.” I said.

“So, what are we going to do?” He asked, scooting just a fraction of an inch closer to me.

“I’m sure there’s something we can think of together.” I said with a sly smile on my face.

“Oh yeah? Put our minds together?”

“…or bodies?” I added.

“I like the sound of that.” He put his hand around the back of my head and kissed me. His lips were full and soft and I could taste a hint of whiskey on him.

A soft moan escaped my lips as he moved from my mouth down to my neck. He trailed little kisses that were light and feathery.

“You like when I kiss you there?” He asked.

I nodded, my breath quickening and he kissed me once more.

“How about here?” he asked and nibbled on my ear. A chill went down my spine.


“And here?” He undid the first button of my button up shirt and kissed me right above my cleavage.

“What about here?” He undid another button and kissed my right breast. “And here?” and kissed my left breast.

I was putty in his hands and was no longer in control of the situation. But I didn’t care. I was no longer in need of being in control. I just wanted to be taken. I wanted to feel orgasm after orgasm rip through me.

He pulled my bra down so my tits popped out and took each of my nipples into his mouth starting with the right one and then followed with the left one. He sucked and nibbled slightly on them. I shivered as his hand slid down my body to my jeans where he undid the button and zipper and slid his hand in – over my panties – and began to rub my clit. I moaned.

“Get these off.” He growled into my ear and pulled back. I promptly stood up and removed my clothes down to my bra and panties and he sucked air in through his teeth. “Holy fuck.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me toward him so I was standing between his legs. His hands were at the small of my back and made their way down to my ass where he squeezed. I shivered again, chills running through my body. His hands went back up and to the clasp on my bra and he unhooked it. I let my bra fall down to the floor and he went back to sucking each of my nipples.

“So, I fuck you good and I’ll get your silence?” He asked.

“As long as you fuck me good.” I kissed his mouth and straddled him. He held onto me so I wouldn’t fall back and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I proceeded to grind my pussy against his pants. His thick cock was hard and pressing into me. It felt so fucking good. I couldn’t stop. He started pushing back against me. I wanted to feel him inside of me so bad I was aching.

He stood up with me still wrapped around him, turned around and laid me down on the bed. He got on his knees between my legs and pulled my thong off. Without a word, he put his mouth to my clit and began to suck and lick the entire thing. It was intense and I ground against his face.

“Oh fuck. That feels so good.” I grabbed the comforter in both of my hands and gripped it hard. He licked me up and down and sucked on the top of my clit, sending me into a fit of pleasure. “Please don’t stop.” I begged as I got closer to an orgasm.

He ate me harder. His face pressing into me more and I ground against him. A finger slid inside of me and he slid it in and out of me in quick succession. It was all I needed to push me into an orgasm. My body started shaking and I couldn’t breathe it was that powerful.

When I stopped shaking he sat up and used his hand to wipe around the sides of his mouth. “Mmm I love the taste of you. It’s sweeter than I’ve tasted before. I really like it.”

I was still out of it from the mind-blowing orgasm he’d given me so all I could do was nod my head in response.

“Do you want another?” He asked.

I nodded my head eagerly. What kind of a question was that? Of course I wanted another orgasm. I wanted another twelve of them.

He rubbed my clit a little bit with his fingers and I was instantly on high alert. It felt so good especially since it was so much more sensitive. He rubbed it slowly, first in painstakingly slow circles and then quickly up and down. He switched it up between the two a few more times and I wiggled, unable to keep still. He then slid a finger followed by a second one inside of me and made a come-hither motion. He continued rubbing my clit with his other hand and began to pick up the pace. The pleasure mixed intensely and I lifted my ass off the floor to give him a better angle. He moved his fingers harder and faster and it was all I needed to send me into another earth-shattering orgasm.

“That’s right, baby girl. Come for me.” He said in a low, sexy voice.

I bit my lip as I started to come down from my orgasm. I was tired and panting and couldn’t believe I’d had one so intense so quickly after the first one.

“My turn.” John quickly undressed and climbed onto the bed, spreading my legs. I was glad he was going after his orgasm because I wasn’t sure I could handle another one.

His cock was thick and long. It was bigger than I’d been with and I was more excited to fuck him than five minutes earlier. He held it in his hand and stroked it slowly in a seductive manner.

“You want me to fuck you now?”

I nodded, “yes.”

He pressed himself against me and I was glad I had, had a couple orgasms beforehand because I was so fucking wet, despite his large size, he slid right inside of me. I felt my pussy wrapping tightly around him and I almost couldn’t bare it.

He placed each of my ankles on each of his shoulders and started to pound me. He didn’t move slow and steady like he had with the foreplay. Instead, now he moved harder and faster, taking me deeply. He was definitely after his own orgasm now and it was so fucking hot. He made sure that I came not once, but twice, before he fucked me. I wondered if he did that for Liv and then cursed myself for thinking of her during such an intimate moment with her husband. I pushed the thoughts out of my head and focused on the feeling of his cock tearing my pussy apart.

He fucked me harder and faster and just when I thought he was going to come, he stopped. “Fuck you’re tighter than the 18-year-old I just took home. I don’t know if I can hold back any longer.” He said.

I bit my lip. Loving the compliment and how great it made me feel about my own pussy. “Come for me.” I said, giving him permission.

“But first.” He said and pulled his cock out of me. He leaned down and started to eat me. His tongue moved quickly around my clit. Much faster than he had before and he sucked hard on it. I trembled beneath him and just as I was about to cum he stopped, shoved his cock back inside of me, held my legs up and fucked me hard, hitting my G-SPOT.

Everything went black as my orgasm ripped through me. My body tingled from head to toe and I shook. My toes went numb and I was only faintly aware of his cock filling me up with his hot cum.

Once we both stopped twitching, he pulled out of me. I climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up.

“You are my naughty Nanny, aren’t you?” He asked when I stepped back out of the bathroom.

“I guess so.” I said.

“I think you just earned yourself a pay raise.” He said.

“And I think you earned yourself some silence.” I said and got dressed.

“If you let me fuck you every week, I’ll give you a 500 per week increase in pay.” He said.

My mouth almost dropped to the floor. “Can you afford that?”

“Liv grossly underpays you.” He said.

“I’ll take you up on your offer. But only if you can make me cum three times every time.” I said.

“I can do more than that. Your pussy was so tight it caught me off guard and I couldn’t control myself.”

I bit my lip at his compliment. Was I really willing to throw all morals out the window for extra money and great sex?

Yes, yes I was.

I hope you enjoyed my first installment of Fantasy Friday’s – stories inspired by your real fantasies!

Until next time, XX,


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