Writing Wednesday – Female Characters

So you’ve figured out what you want to write about and you’ve read through the ABC’s of Erotica and you’ve got your plot figured out. Now it’s time you sit down and work out the ins and outs of your Female Character’s story. This is the information I’ve learned from being in the industry for two years. I’ve learned what people like and what they want. (Of course it’s all subjective and their’s a niche for just about every erotic fantasy out there…)


A good character needs a good, strong name. But a character in an erotica novel needs a sexy name. A leading character named Lexi is far more sexy than a leading character named Mary. Here’s a list of names that work perfect for erotica novels.


Age definitely depends on the type of content you are writing. If your story is about a cougar you want to make her between 35-45. If you’re writing a billionaire erotica you will want your character to be between 25-28. You want her mature, yet young. If you’re writing a daddy kink story, you will want to make her less than 28 but no younger than 18.

21 is the best age for this sort of story. You can allow your character to drink without worrying about legality and you’re not riding that fine line of underage or of-age. BUT if you’re looking for a “barely legal” theme then 18-19 is perfect.


This is another part that is totally subjective and depends on if you want to go with a BBW theme or if your story is about a personal trainer. From what I’ve learned petite and curvy are the body types people look for. If you’re looking to write a book that will get more attention it’s better to look for what the majority of people prefer. But you need to write a story about what you prefer because at the end of the day you can’t write something you aren’t into.

My character’s usually look like this:

Long hair, petite yet perfect curves, big eyes.

Background Story

This is a big one. Your character needs a good background story. While the male usually has some sort of intense, childhood trauma, the female can have a sad background story, too. Some great background ideas are:

  • Father left her and her mom – AKA Daddy Issues
  • Boyfriend/Fiance Died
  • She needs to take care of a parent because they are sick. – AKA the care giver
  • Always falling for the wrong guy
  • People pleaser and grew up with parents who were never pleased with her so she often tries to please everyone she comes in contact with as an adult. – AKA The submissive.

Here’s some ideas to bounce around. You can even combine some of them for a more dramatic background. Or you can go with the goody-too-shoes-nothing-bad-has-ever-happened-to-her background which will make her slightly naive.


Personality is the biggest part of character development. You do not want your main character to have a crappy personality. Don’t make her mean. Don’t make her too naive. (And don’t make her naive unless it’s a: virgin, barely-legal, or daddy kink story.) Don’t make her bratty. I can’t stand whiny characters and everyone I’ve freelanced for feels the same way.

She needs confidence because confidence is sexy as hell. While being a little insecure makes for a good story line, you don’t want her to be standing in front of a mirror thinking about all the things wrong with her. You want her to be confident in herself.

You want her to be strong and independent. No reader wants a story about a co-dependent girl that can’t even leave the house without her love interest. You want to make her stand up for herself and not let anyone push her around. (Submission is totally different.)

I hope you find these tips helpful. These are all things I’ve learned and encountered with my work in the industry. They are all rules I try to follow in my own writing as well.



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