Drive Him Wild

I’ve talked a lot about seduction and what guys can do like fingering and foreplay today I want to focus my Tuesday Tips on him. These tips are coming right from what N likes so not every person with a dick is going to like these specific things, but it won’t hurt to try it out!


Darcy Delia – Pexels

This is N’s main thing. When I’m confident and almost literally feeling myself, it drives him the most wild. He loves when I’m into it all as much as him because I feel sexy AF.


Artur K – Photo Images

N and I went to high school together but we never spoke. About a year and a half after we graduated I added him on Facebook and we started talking. I was dating an idiot at the time and every time we’d break up I’d make plans to see N but then cancel and get back with the idiot. I did this for 6 months before N and I actually hung out. He loooves the chase. He loves when I make him work for it instead of just letting him have me. This is the second thing that drives him wild. (I’ve heard this from multiple guys before so it must be a real phenomenon.)


Aleksey Mnogosmyslov – Photo Images

When you are confident and communicate with your SO often, then you learn things that not only they really enjoy but you do too. One of those is movement. When N and I are having sex, I move my hips with him. Even when he is on top. I don’t just lay there. I move my body against and with him. And when I’m on top, I lean back some so I’m at an angle, while this can get scary for him, he also really loves it.

“I like when you move with me, that’s the best. When we hit the rhythm and everything falls in line, that’s the best.”

– N

Am I surprised by any of these responses? Not at all. N is simple. He likes to do things in the moment when he feels like doing them. He doesn’t ever have a plan of action and just goes with the flow. He also prefers confidence which makes sense. I know when I’m feeling SEXY AF, he enjoys it and it makes me feel even more confident.

Here’s my tips to drive him wild:

  1. Be Confident. Stand tall and walk like the world is yours and that everyone has their eyes on you. Even if you’re alone in the bathroom. Continuously tell yourself how sexy you are. If you don’t believe this, you will eventually. Fake it ’til you make it.
  2. Let Him Chase You. Tease him. Let him know that you’re in the mood, but don’t let it be easy for him to get you. (THEORY TEST: I’m going to tease N for a day or two – depending on how far I can make it – and then finally let him have it. I’ll report back with my findings.)
  3. Move With Him. Move your body with him. Find yourself on bottom or doggy-style? Move your body with his. Find your flow and make them blend together. It’ll make the entire experience more pleasurable for both of you.

Try these tips, especially if your sex-life is less than enjoyable. Bring the spice back. by trying these things out.



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