Sex Bucket List

Do you have a sex bucket list? I found an article on talking about sex bucket lists. according to a study they found taken from 2,000 American’s – 64% have a sex bucket list. I have one.

  1. Sex in Paris.
  2. Sex in every state. (4 down 46 more to go!)
  3. Sex in Canada.
  4. Being tied down.
  5. Being tied down & Blindfolded.
  6. 50 SHADES OF GREY LEVEL tied down, blindfolded and music in my ears so I can’t hear anything.
  7. Sex on a beach.
  8. Own 2,500 sex toys.
  9. Go to a sex convention.
  10. Find a good dildo. (Seriously, I’ve never had one!)
  11. Have sex after eating a meal of aphrodisiac type foods.
  12. Have sex on the top of a 14er.
  13. Use a wedge.
  14. Be 100% dominated.
  15. Visit a sex shop in Vegas.
  16. Have another a-spot orgasm.
  17. Have a u-spot orgasm.
  18. Try every position in the Kama Sutra.
  19. Have three orgasms in one session.
  20. Have sex in Australia.
  21. Try a sex machine.
  22. Do a boudoir shoot.
  23. Go to a sex toy party.
  24. Mutual Masturbation to completion.
  25. Make my own custom sex toy.
  26. Clone N’s dick.
  27. Clone my pussy.
  28. Spend $1000.00 at a sex shop in one trip. (Check our one of my favorite bloggers. Him and his wife have over $2K in toys! That’s a lot!)
  29. Join The Mile High Club.
  30. Go Skinny Dipping with N. (Other than our hot tub…)
  31. Foreplay in public.
  32. Sex in public.
  33. Stay naked for 1 full day.
  34. Have sex at work.
  35. Watch and have sex to a cam couple. (Tipping included, of course!)
  36. Make a real sex tape. (Better than the drunken Ipad one we made around 6 years ago.)
  37. Sex on a boat.
  38. Sex on a train.
  39. Play strip-game.
  40. Full-on teasing/foreplay until we both cum, no intercourse.
  41. Give myself three orgasms from masturbation.
  42. Use Ice with N.
  43. Use Whipped Cream with N.
  44. Have sex in expensive lingerie.
  45. Sex in the ocean.
  46. Try out feather ticklers.
  47. Have a crop used on me.
  48. Roleplay every possible roleplay.
  49. Sex in a tent with N.
  50. Tie up N.
  51. Use candle wax with N.
  52. Have sex four times in one day.
  53. Make a video for N.
  54. Give a road handjob. (Road head completed.)
  55. Get N hard in a club.
  56. Have sex in a club.
  57. Wake N up with a blow job.
  58. Be woken up by N for sex.
  59. Have sex while out riding our dirt bikes.

That’s all I could think of and I even added some just now. If I think of anymore, I’ll update it and I’ll be sure to include N’s later as well. Now tell me what’s on your list? Or what you’ve already accomplished. I want stories. I’ll share em with links – to your preferred social media or blog – in a post next week!



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