The Art of Seduction

Seduction is an art form. It’s something we learn and can perfect over time. We seduce or have seduced. Or at the very least, we’ve dreamed of the perfect seduction. Honing your seduction skills can really up your A-Game in bed.


The main thing about seduction is you have to be confident. You cannot seduce if you don’t believe you can. You must exude confidence in yourself and your art form. Think of Banksy. We have all heard of his amazing art and how different it is. If Banksy had no confidence in himself he would never be able to do half the things he has done. He uses his confidence to create beautiful (& political) street art. Some like to call this “vandalism”, but either way you have to have some confidence to pull off what he does.

That’s what you need to do. Show your confidence and believe in yourself. You are sexy and you can turn on whoever you want to just by a look. Tell yourself this.


No art was ever created without some sort of trial and error. Maybe none on a specific piece but the artist had to practice to get to their masterpiece. Look in the mirror and practice your sexy faces. Those seductive looks that you can give that just draw people in. It might feel silly, but just remember that practice makes perfect and practicing in the mirror by yourself will guarantee you get better and can nail the looks down when you are ready to use them on someone.


Lingerie, suits, sexy clothing. All of those things can play into seduction, but if you’ve got the confidence and you’ve done the practicing you should be able to seduce someone in your most non-sexy clothing.

Use your eyes, your hands, your voice to draw the other person in. Light touches (or gripping hard depending on the person) and a look that says “I want to fuck you” should say it all. But if it doesn’t. Use your voice. A softer, quieter tone will go so much farther then a harsh and loud tone. Loud noises can be sexy during the fucking, but before hand during the seduction period, it’s so much sexier to be quiet. Let your touch and the looks you make do most of the work.

Go With The Flow

Feel things out. If you feel like the person would like a more aggressive approach, try that. If subtle is more their thing then you need to go that direction. What turns you on should play a role here. If you’re turned on you’ll be more likely to notice the cues given off by your partner. Don’t plan for a specific thing to do or time of day, that won’t help you. Just go with the flow, feel things out. Make it fun and spontaneous.

Own your sexuality. Everyone can be seductive. It just takes a some confidence and a bit of practice. I encourage everyone to try to seduce their partner in the near future. Especially if you’re in a rut. It could totally turn things around for you.



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