Chapter Two – The Cafe Run-In

It was hard for me to get out of bed and want to go to work on Monday morning.. I’d had such a fantastic weekend with Derrik, even after he discovered who I was, he still made me cum four more times. I didn’t want to go to work and it took a lot for me to drag myself out of bed.

Monday morning meant meeting with my editor and publisher. Both told me how excited they were for my latest book to release in three weeks. We also discussed the new book I was writing. An exposé, if you must, on some of Manhattan’s Elite. The party the previous weekend would have proved to be very useful in the writing of my latest book, but I had been more into going for fun than to do work. Though I did find the key players that I wanted to target.

Both my editor and publisher wanted to see at least notes by the end of the week and I left chewing on this idea. I figured I could talk to Kathleen and possibly get some information from her But just the thought of her name triggered a bunch of unwanted thoughts about Derrik. He was her ex of course.

I wondered if what Derrik had said about her sleeping with his dad was true. It would make sense why they broke up in a very private way. Usually the media was able to dig up the reason why celebs break up, but there wasn’t a single word (at least one that was verified) on why they broke up. It’d make sense to want to keep it to themselves. That’s a pretty fucked up situation to be in.

Starving, I stopped by the cafe down the street from the publisher’s house. It was my ritual to stop in and get a ham and turkey croissant after meetings with them. It was one of my favorite places to eat but I wouldn’t spoil it by eating it all the time. This was strictly for special occasions.

“Hello! How are you?” The girl at the counter asked when I stepped up to.

“I’m good. Thank you. How are you?”

“I’m good. What can we get started for you?” She seemed new, as I had never seen her before. Though it had been over a month since I’d last been in.

“I’ll take a ham and turkey croissant and a bag of chips.” I grabbed a bag of barbecue lays from the chip stand to my right.

“Anything to drink?”

“Just a coke.” I said.

“And I’ll have what she’s having.” The familiar scent of Tobacco Oud wafted into my nose and I knew before I turned around who it was, but I was still shocked to see him.

He handed the cashier his black Amex.

“You don’t have to pay for that.” I said, irritated by his chivalry.

“I’m paying it forward. So now you can buy someone else a meal or something later on.”

Smooth Mr. Wilder. I thought.

“But since I did buy your food, would you mind eating with me?” He asked.

I shrugged, “why the hell not.”

He smiled and I followed him over to the drink machine. He looked highly out of place in there with his Armani suite.

When we sat down, I couldn’t help but ask “so what brings you here?”

“I saw you leaving StoryTime Publishing and might have followed you.” He shurgged like it was no big deal to follow someone.

“Do you work around here?” I asked, even though I knew the answer was “yes”. I was trying to steer the conversation away from where I had just left. I didn’t want him to ask me why I had been there. I had a million excuses up my sleeve, but I still would have rather avoided it all together.

“I work right next door.” He said.

I nodded my head and took a sip of my coke. “That’s cool.”

“Something tells me you already knew this.” His face said it all and I just about spit the soda out of my mouth.

“Do you think I’m stalking you?”

“Well, it would fit in with the behavior I’ve seen from you so far. Stealing, stalking, it’s all the same thing.”

He was so damn arrogant. Instead of asking why I was leaving a publishing house, when he knows nothing about what I do for a living, he automatically assumed I was stalking him.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” I said.

He raised an eyebrow. “Okay, humor me. What are you doing if it’s not stalking me?”

I laughed. “There’s a million reasons for me to be over here that don’t include you. Besides, did you ever even ask what I do for a living. Did you find business cards when you went through my wallet?”

“Well no. I was just getting your I.D. out. Okay, so tell me, what do you do for a living?”

I leaned back and crossed my arms over my chest. “It doesn’t just work that way. You can’t just ask me after the fact.”

“Well why not?”

“Because you’ve already assumed that I was here stalking you. Let me guess, in college you were Mr Big Shot in your fraternity and your brothers all worshiped you.”

He shrugged. “Kinda.”

Our sandwiches were brought out to us and he handed the guy a 20.00 bill.

“Wow, thank you.” The guy said and headed back into the back kitchen area.

“You don’t have to tip you know.”

“I know. I just like to do nice things for people.” He said. “So, why were you over here?”

“It’s a free country?”

He gave me a look that told me he didn’t want to play games and then took a bite of his croissant. “Oh wow. That’s really good.”

I nodded and took a bite of my own. It was just as good as the other times I had ordered it and wondered how he didn’t know about this place when it was literally across the street from his building.

“What’s it like to work and live in the same place?” I asked.

“So you did know I work over here?”

“I mean, you are Derrik Wilder. All one has to do is look up your name and you can find out just about everything there is to know about you.”

“Is that what you did?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“I would, that’s why I’m asking.”

“For your information, I’m not over here stalking you. I didn’t spend the weekend researching you. You weren’t that good in bed.”

He smiled. “Oh really? Was it not good enough for you? Because I’m pretty sure I gave you five orgasms.”


He smiled. “Six orgasms.”

I rolled my eyes at him. I shouldn’t have corrected him and gave him that ego boost.

“You’ve never came here before?” I asked trying to get the conversation away from sex. I wasn’t sure I could control myself.

“Nope. I never had a reason to come in here. My assistant usually picks up lunch or orders it ”

I wasn’t surprised to hear this. Most rich people were too stuck up to go to any of the smaller places around.

“Was that you changing the subject so you wouldn’t have think about all those orgasms?” He asked.

I shook my head. “I haven’t thought about them at all.”

“Oh really? You aren’t thinking about me taking you in the bathroom right now?”

I cringed. “No. That’s highly unsanitary.”

“Do you really care?”

“Yes. I do.” I said. He was testing me. Trying to find what made me tick.

“Even if I took you and pinned you against the wall, jamming my fingers inside of you and sucking on your beautiful nipples?”

I slowly let out the breath I was holding. “Even then that would be gross.”

Keep it together, Trin.” I said to myself I couldn’t let my libido take over. I couldn’t give into him. Not again. I’d never slept with the same guy twice and I wasn’t about to start.

“Listen. Lunch was great. Thanks for buying it. I’ll make sure to pay it forward. I gotta go.” I grabbed my purse took my trash and dumped it and left before he could stop me. I needed to get far, far away from Derrik. He was bad news for me.

Chapter One


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