Flashback Friday – The Halloween Party

*Due to previous engagements, yesterday’s “Throwback Thursday” is now today’s Flashback Friday. Thank you for understanding!

My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love all things horror and creepy. I love October. (This might also be because my birthday is in October.) Growing up, I had a lot of Halloween birthday parties. In 2012, N and I threw a Halloween themed birthday party. We called it “N and A’s Drunken House of Horrors” and basically it was an excuse to dress up in a sexy costume and get drunk as fuck.

I picked out a super sexy swat costume that looked so hot on me. I’m serious guys, I fucking rocked that costume.

Sultry Swat Costume from halloweencostumes.com $39.99

I felt so sexy and confident in this costume that I was seriously turned on the entire night. All I could think about was the night being over and us finally going to bed and fucking. N also couldn’t keep his hands off me. We had both drank quite a bit and ended up in our room together. We couldn’t help the passion and desire from the hours of foreplay.

N’s hands were all over my body and he fumbled to pull my panties down. I kept the costume on, of course. Once I was panty-less we were on the bed, kissing and touching each other like two hormone-fueled teens that had just discovered their sexuality. His cock was super hard from all the whiskey he had been drinking. (Lucky for me N’s “whiskey-dick” means he gets super hard and just has a hard time cumming. Not the can’t-get-hard-kind.)

N laid on the bed and I climbed right on top of him. With his hard cock and my super wet pussy, he slid right inside. I felt him stretch me and moaned as he hit that deep ache I’d been longing for, for hours. I was on top because we knew we had to be quick. We had guests after all. I rode N’s hard cock harder and faster than I’d ever done it. I had wanted him so bad and my main focus was just cumming.

N pulled the top of my costume down and sucked on my nipples. I arched my back and moaned in response. I soaked up the pleasure I was feeling from his mouth and his cock.

Mid-fuck a friend knocked on the bedroom door. He was getting ready to leave the party and wanted to tell us goodbye before just leaving. N told him – through the still-closed door – that I was sick and he was taking care of me. I still rode his cock, just slower and quieter. This made things more steamy because there was a person on the other side of the door and he had no idea we were fucking.

It didn’t take much longer before I came. N wasn’t able to and wanted to get back to the party because he knew it was impossible. I cleaned myself up and we headed back to join the rest of the guests, none of which were wiser to our extracurricular activities.

This was one of my favorite parties, and is still one of my favorite sex memories with N.


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – The Halloween Party

  1. OMG thank you. People look at me weird when I say that’s how I experience whisky dick

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