Ashley’s Super Sexy GIVEAWAY

I have almost 100 followers on my blog!! This is something I never imagined happening and definitely not in just a few months! I want to celebrate this by doing a GIVEAWAY!!

I’m giving away a box of fun prizes from my affiliate site Jack And Jill Adult.

The box will be filled with fun goodies and will be a surprise. But I promise to include at least one toy along with lube and other things I think could spice up someone’s sex life.

How To Enter

Step One

  • You must be following my blog. Either by email or through WordPress.

Step Two

  • Share my blog! (Either a favorite post of yours or just my homepage.) Share it on social media!

Step Three

  • Link where you shared it in the comments below!

You get one entry per share and may collect as many as you want! The giveaway will end as soon as I reach 100 followers or three weeks from today at NOON MST. Which ever comes first. You can also collect bonus entries for any person who follows my blog from your shared posts! ❤

I can’t wait to spoil the lucky winner!




10 thoughts on “Ashley’s Super Sexy GIVEAWAY

  1. Posted on twitter. If my name comes up pick someone else lol. I’m already well stocked. I think we’re over 2k in toys now.

      1. We actually recently expanded it, that’s why it hit that number. My last collection post is out of date by like 6 items.

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