Second Favorite

My second favorite toy is the removable shower head in mine & N’s bathroom. This thing has almost as much power as my Satisfyer Pro Penguin. Sometimes it can take a bit to orgasm and I’m not sure if that’s because water makes it harder or because when I use it, I’m usually taking a shower and in a rush. (I’m thinking it’s more the latter.)

There’s something so sexy about touching myself in the shower. I’m already naked, but I’m also dripping wet. And something about hot, steamy water makes it well, hot and steamy.

It’s easy to just reach up, flip the switch and pull the cord down and aim the water right at my clit. It’s electrifying and my legs shake every single time. It feels so good. I don’t get to use it as often as I’d like and I wish I could take my time. Since it is so powerful it is perfect for #MondayMasturbation quickies.

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Once I start thinking about N getting into the shower behind me, spinning me around, shoving me up against the wall and kissing me hard, I totally lose it. I don’t even have to picture his hands touching every inch of my body. Or his fingers sliding inside of me gently bringing me to the earth-shattering orgasm I’m already having.

I don’t even have to think about him taking me hard from behind, shoving his cock deep inside of me and fucking me hard until we both cum, because I’m already cumming at that point.

I’ve got a hair-trigger libido paired with a hair-trigger (most of the time) orgasm button. (It’s my clit.)

All this talk about my shower head and fantasies, has me thinking about taking a quick shower. Join me next #MondayMasturbation where I review using the Satisfyer in my bathtub. Will it become my second favorite toy?



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