Getting Ready To Write

Every writer has their own way of getting into their writing mood. Some might need a drink. Some may need to read first. Others might just have to get right after it. Here are five ways I get ready to write my erotica.

01. In The Right Mood

This one obviously only applies to when I’m writing sex. But I have to be turned on in order to write about sex. If I’m not it just comes out as a big mess and I’ll have to start all over.

02. Food & Drink

I need something caffeinated. Be it coffee, an energy drink or gfuel and some water in order to write. And I need to have a snack or meal handy or have just eaten. I want and need my brain free of every distraction.

03. Quiet & Music

I need it to be quiet but I also need my music going. I find that if I can’t write in a totally quiet environment that music drowning out other noises helps.

Sometimes, I need to have a specific playlist going for whatever I’m writing. Other times i listen to random songs and let those guide my writing.

04. Comfort

I need to be wearing comfortable clothes and have my hair up. “Comfortable clothes” a lot of times means something sexy to help fuel my writing.

05. At Least One Hour

I need at least one good hour to churn out some good, useable work. The first twenty minutes are usually just trying to get into my flow. I need another 40 minutes – AT LEAST – of good writing time to feel completed.

What kinds of things do you need or do in order to write your best work?



P.S. I know this one is a little boring. I promise I have some good things coming! I’ve been working on them quite a bit lately. (Hence the late and semi-boring post.) But at least you learned something about me. 😘


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Write

  1. This is so damn relatable. The whole house is sick, I had to isolate myself and light a comfort candle to even get started.

    1. It makes me so happy you called this “relatable”, haha. The baby had a dr appointment this morning followed by the grocery store and now some other things I’m trying to finish up before tomorrow. I just was like “fuck it. I’ll do a quick post.”

      Days like that are so rough! What’s a comfort candle?

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