The Holy Grail of Orgasms

Boy, do I have a story-time for all of you. I had another post scheduled for today, but it will have to wait. Because this happened last night and I have to share the details with you while they are still fresh because you are in for a treat. (Just as I was.)
Of course, last night was a difficult one getting the children to bed. N and I had been flirting a lot so sex was up in the air. It could have happened but it could have been skipped too. I was putting our 4-year-old back in her bed (for the millionth time) and N said “you better hurry” and went back to our room. The look in his eyes told me all I needed to know. I got her down that time, thankfully, and went back into our room. The lights were off and my XXX Playlist was playing through the JBL Bluetooth speaker we have. (The JBL Pulse 2. – It’s really cool because it has colors and makes patterns and we can press a button and capture any color around us and that is the color it will display. We like red for sexy times.) He was in our bathroom when I entered the room. I took off my clothes so that I was only wearing my new Lacey white push-up bra and a red strappy thong. I laid on the bed and waited. When he came out he climbed onto me in this sexy dominating/confident way that just speaks to my pussy and he kissed me. This was followed by oral, fingering, and more oral. When he was done driving me wild with his expert mouth and fingers, he climbed off the bed and stood. I knew what to do. I quickly slid to the end of the bed where he grabbed my legs and pulled me into a better position for him to slip inside. He started thrusting. His cock slid deeper inside of me. I relaxed and moaned and made myself fully present. I felt everything. I focused only on how good it felt that he was fucking me. He paused and moved my legs so I was angled more up at him – PERFECT FOR HITTING YOUR G-SPOT FYI- and so he began to fuck me again. Hitting my g-spot with ease. My eyes were rolling back in my head and I started moving my hips with him. (Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on this awesome little trick.) It didn’t take long before I was on the edge, but he knew and stopped, pulled himself out of me and lowered my legs. I almost fell because I hadn’t realized I was so far on the edge and wasn’t ready to catch myself. We laughed. Because if you can’t laugh during sex, what’s the point of life? “How do you want it?” He asked when I stabilized myself – as much as my shaking legs would allow. Usually, I’m the one asking him so this surprised me. (In a good way.) I knew what I wanted. The Stomach First position from this list of my favorite positions. I had been thinking about how we hadn’t had sex in this position for a little while. I laid on my stomach and he knew exactly what I wanted. I laid on my stomach and angled myself slightly up for him and felt N enter me from behind. He was instantly deep inside of me. There was no build up here because of the angle we were in. He thrust and with each thrust, I felt him hitting a spot deep inside of me. It was intense. Far more intense than the g-spot. I had to really focus on being quiet, I wanted to scream so bad. It. Felt. So. Good. He moved his cock in and out of me, I felt how tightly I was wrapped around him. He leaned down so he was laying on me and instantly ever nerve in my body rose to attention. The feel on him tickled me slightly and I had to bite the pillow.

-SIDE NOTE: Even though it’s more ticklish than any other part of my body, tickling my back drives me fucking wild.

I got so close, I was really about to come when he cruelly stopped and pulled out. I bit my lip and let out a moan/sigh. He laid on the bed next to me and I wasted no time. I climbed on top and put him inside of me. I rode his cock so hard. I was so turned on. And of course, he stopped me when I was much closer than the previous two times. This time my recovery took a lot of effort. I panted and practically cried. I wanted that sweet release so bad. I defied him and started moving my body up and down on his cock. I felt him hitting the same spot as earlier. We moved together, making the feelings intensify. “Fuck. I love your pussy so much.” He said. “I love your cock so much,” I said back. I was too close and debated whether I should say anything or not. I went with the former. “I’m gonna come.” I moaned. When I said that sentence I don’t think I realized what I was in for. This INTENSE orgasm washed over me and I had to cover my mouth as my entire body shook to the core. It wasn’t just a localized clitoral orgasm or a toe-numbing g-spot orgasm. It was the most intense thing I had ever experienced in my life. I felt it in every single inch of my body and it lasted longer than usual. I started moving once it was over, but I still felt aftershocks. My body felt like it was on high alert. Every nerve ending was alive. “Bend over,” N said to me. I agreed, climbed off and bent over for him. He shoved himself right inside of me and fucked me hard and fast. I felt myself on the edge of another orgasm quickly. This one felt just like the last one. There was a definitive and intense build and I was focused on it 100% and we were suddenly coming together. I was in total shock about what happened. This was a mythical orgasm to me before last night. It was something I wanted to achieve and experience in my lifetime, but I also had no idea how to get there. I had wanted to try and honestly, I thought it would have taken a lot more effort. But the amount of foreplay, mixed with concentration & relaxation mixed with the multiple positions getting him deep inside of me, combined into the most euphoric experience of my life.
I hope each and every one of you strives to get/give one of these amazing orgasms at least once in your life. A VERY SPECIAL XX, Ashley

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