The Color Red

This post contains affiliate links that I do make a commission through.

The color red is daring and bold and so sexy. It’s a color that can be intimidating to some and enticing to others. It’s eye-catching. I think it’s safe to say that red is the new black.

I used to avoid the color red. Red lipsticks, red clothes, red dresses, red shoes, red lingerie, red underwear & bras… The reasoning behind this is stupid though I think quite a bit of people might feel this way.

Red is an ultra-sexy color and for the longest time, I didn’t think I was sexy at all so I tried to avoid the color red. For Halloween 2011, I had a sexy nurse outfit, the fishnets were red as were the shoes and outline of my nurses dress. I felt like I was faking the whole night. That I didn’t belong in that color. (Of course, I didn’t think much of it as the night went on, thank you liquid courage.)

I’ve recently felt super sexy and I’ve been buying a lot more red. I have three new pairs of panties that are red and I feel SEXY AF in them. I’m planning to buy a sexy little red dress for Vegas and a red swimsuit. Red is a sexy color and I think everyone should embrace it. And I encourage everyone to go buy something red. Even if it’s just lipstick.

Here’s everything red in the sexy wear and lingerie category on my Jack & Jill Adult Affiliate page.

Feel sexy for once. Don’t waste time thinking you aren’t sexy because you are and red looks good on everyone. (Though N prefers when the red is on the floor. 😘)

I’m thinking of changing my blog to red and black instead of the pink. What do you all think?



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