Delayed Gratification

An orgasm from delayed gratification can be one of the most intense and pleasurable orgasms. N loves to control when I orgasm. He often stops right when I’m about to cum just to build up my pleasure. Here are my top five tips on how to achieve a super intense orgasm through delayed gratification.

01 Foreplay

I’m a huge advocate of foreplay and I really think it needs to be done every single time. You wouldn’t hop in your car in -5 (Fahrenheit) and just drive off. No, you’d warm it up first and this needs to happen for sex to be above-average.

02 Different Positions

You both have to be into having sex in different positions. If only a couple of positions work for you, you can still achieve a pretty good orgasm. It helps when you can hit certain spots (a-spot, clit, g-spot) in different ways. Hitting my g-spot when on top is different from when N hits it from behind or when he is on top. So using different positions you can hit all your “spots” to help build up your orgasm is key.

03 Pause

Stopping an orgasm when you’re on the edge is the key here and if you’re close you have to stop. Even if you can orgasm multiple times (like moi) stopping your orgasm is a must if you want to achieve a more intense orgasm.

04 All Day Baby

If you have the capability to do so, then you and your partner should play with one another off and on throughout the day. Take turns to get each other close before stopping to pause for a bit. If this isn’t possible but it’s possible for you to warm yourself up, using a toy to get yourself close before stopping can help do the same thing.

05 Use Your Frustration

Delaying your orgasm can be very frustrating. All you want to do is come and feel that sweet, sweet release but when you constantly keep stopping, it can be frustrating. Your craving something you can’t have. It’s borderline addiction. Use this frustration to get yourself to orgasm when you finally can. Don’t let the frustration turn you off or make you too frustrated. You don’t want to just give up.

I know some people might think this is weird. The point of sex is to reach orgasm, but delaying that satisfaction can be more intense than any other orgasm you’ve had. I encourage everyone to try this at least once. Especially if you feel like you’ve hit a rut with your sex life.

Do you like to delay gratification?



3 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification

  1. Yes we do, when we can. The whole three children thing can monkey wrench that whole process though. Except! We find that number 4 is doable in pretty much all situations on any day, and we use that to great effect. Ass slaps, dirty texts, long kisses. We let each other know we’re interested throughout the day.

    We’ve also found that if the kids have gotten you into a quickie rut that you should stop and allow yourself to get frustrated after a few days.

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