Seduce Me Sunday

Seduce me Sunday is a new series on my blog. Every sunday you will get a post either filled with gifs and words meant to seduce you or a story of my latest fantastic fuck.

N looks at me. His eyes are dark with lust.

“How about I warm this up” He says and begins to rub my clit.

I moan and wiggle against his hand and he moves the fabric of my black panties to the side.

He rubs his fingers up and down the length of my clit and then gently kisses each of my thighs.

I moan and gasp for air.

“What are you getting excited for?” He asks and kisses my thigh once more. “Hmm?”

I bite my lip but don’t respond. I don’t need to because he’s already sliding my panties off and getting off the bed. He gets back on but this time, between my legs.

His mouth meets my clit and I turn to putty. He is so good at eating me out it’s unbelievable.

I squirm as he uses his tongue and mouth on my clit. I feel myself on the edge. Fuck he’s so good at this. I’m about to cum.

But he stops. Because he knew how close I was.

He sits up and grabs my leg and pulls me toward him and I automatically spread them and he holds his clock up to my pussy and presses himself into me. He works himself into me and then starts to thrust harder.

His cock hits my cervix over and over again. At first there is a slight pain but it fades into a deep and indescribable pleasure.

His hand goes to my clit and he starts to rub it. I find it so fucking hot when he does this. It makes me feel so feminine to see his hand there pleasing me.

I bits my lip.

He grabs my legs and brings my left leg to my right leg so I’m on my side. At first I think he’s trying to role me over to fuck me from behind, but he’s not. The lower half of my body is twisted to my right side, my legs are closed and he begins to fuck me.

This isn’t the first time we have done this but it’s been a long time and it feels so fucking good. He is so deep inside of me.

Just when I’m getting close from him hitting my gspot at a new angle, he stops.

I let out an uncontrollable whimper.

That’s twice now.

He moves me leg back so I’m fully straight again and he leans down. My legs wrap around his back and we’re chest to chest. This time though he’s going slow.

His mouth meets mine and it’s instant ecstasy. I love kissing him. The way his lips feel pressed against mine. The way his tongue moves around my own in such a dominating way.

He thrusts deep and hard and slowly he picks up the pace. I start to move against him. My hands gripping his thighs. A desire to be even closer fills me and I’m so fucking turned on.

“Your pussy is so amazing” he moans and I’m closer than ever. But then pulls his cock out of me. He rubs it against my clit. Fuck I love that feeling.

He sticks himself back inside of me and starts to fuck me really really hard. His cock is slamming into my cervix and I’m only craving more. Harder. Deeper. Faster.

He pulls out and tells me to flip over. I get on all fours and sexily arch my back with my ass up and face down. My arms stretch across the bed and I grip the sheets.

He wastes no time shoving his cock inside of me. He fucks me slowly at first and then quick and deep. I’m getting closer again. When he stops.

He reaches around and plays with my clit. I start to move on his cock. The sensations are driving me wild.

“Play with your clit.” He says.

I start to rub my clit as he fucks me hard again. His cock is so big it’s stretching me and for one second I worry he might slip. But he doesn’t and just as I squeeze my eyes shut he pulls out. Again.

He climbs onto the bed next to me and lays down. I waste no time climbing on top of him. He slides into me with ease. I’m dripping wet from the four times i almost came.

I grind on him and lean forward some. I’m riding him and I feel so fucking sexy. I put my hands in my hair and he reaches up and plays with my nipples which could cut diamonds they are so hard.

I lean back So I’m at an angle and he’s deeper inside of me. I’m so close.

“I want you to come for me.” He says.

It’s the sexiest thing.

His thumb goes to my clit and he rubs it. I move my hips against his thumb, his cock is so deep and is rubbing my gspot.

It’s too much and I’m moaning louder and louder. I’m coming on him. My body is shaking and I put a hand to my mouth so I don’t start screaming in pleasure.

The orgasm is ripping through me. It’s intense. My body is shaking and I’m moaning. I’m still moving on his cock and his thumb is still pressed to my clit. I ride out my orgasm.

I lean forward and he starts to fuck me. I think he’s just going to go for it and come but he stops and asks me to lean back like I was. So I do.

I move my body on his, rolling and grinding my hips his hands are playing with my tits and I still feel sexy AF. I ride him harder and suddenly I feel it.

His muscles tense and his cock throbs inside of me.

Mmm fuck. The look on his face is so hot.

I stop moving as does he and I kiss him before climbing off to go clean myself up.

I feel thoroughly fucked and satisfied but I’m already thinking about fucking him again.



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