Vegas Dresses, Help Me Pick!

This year when we go to Vegas, (which we are now staying on Fremont Street which neither of us has ever done before and I’m so excited!) I want to dress sexy AF. Because it’s fun and it’s an adult playground and a place to let loose and really be yourself. In Vegas, you get to do things you don’t typically get to do at home like dress sexy AF

We are wanting to go to a club or show this time and I really just want to wear a sexy ass dress. But there are SO many dresses. I need help deciding!

I personally think every woman needs to buy a sexy AF dress just to have around to wear at least once. Every woman deserves to feel their most sexy. (If tiny dresses aren’t your thing, then you need to wear whatever the hell you find sexy.)

Black VIP Mini Dress
Black VIP Mini Dress from $19.95

This dress is simple and black both of what most of these dresses are. But I love the thin straps and how it ties in the back.

dressed to kill mini dress black club dress
Dressed To Kill Mini Dress from $44.99

I’m a sucker for lace. This dress is absolutely gorgeous and might have won… if it was the only dress out there.

Anything but basic mini dress black mini dress
Anything But Basic Mini Dress from $29.95

This dress also comes in a sexy dark red color. But I do prefer black. I love the back of this dress so much. Again, I love lace.

Party In The Back Mini Dress black mini dress
Party In The Back Mini Dress from $16.95

The thing about this dress is I have two shirts with the back just like this and I plan to get more for vegas. It’d be like my theme. It’s not my favorite back, but I like it enough to add it to this list.

Red Straight Neck Bodycon Dress from $22.00

You probably thought I was going to put up only black dresses, but I do like red and find it ultra sexy. This one is simple enough to still be super sexy.

Red Double Strap Wrap Skirt Bodycon Dress
Red Double Strap Wrap Skirt Bodycon Dress from $35.00

Still simple but it has more cleavage and double straps.

Love Me In Lace Dress Red Mini Dress
Love Me In Lace Dress from $42.90

I love lace. I’ve said that, right?

These are my top 7 contenders. It was supposed to be only five. But I can add more in, right? Help me pick which ones you like so I can narrow it down. I have such a hard time choosing.



4 thoughts on “Vegas Dresses, Help Me Pick!

  1. 2 – I really like the scoop material hanging down and the lace underneath.

    5 – red is just stunning and eye catching. Simple and sexy

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