Spice Things Up Leave The Bedroom

Sometimes shit happens in life and we end up getting caught up in it all. We’ll put sex on the backburner and focus on what’s going on. While that’s okay to do some, if you do it too much you risk putting your entire relationship on the back burner and then things fizzle out and you wake up five years later divorced and utterly unhappy. (Or maybe you’re happy because you found someone to have sex with again.)

One way to keep the spark alive is to change up where you have sex. It doesn’t have to be in your bed all the time. Even if you have kids, you can still have sex in other places

The Guest Room

If you have a spare room, have sex in there. It’ll change up the scenery and quite possibly the entire experience.

The Living Room

Couch sex is always a lot of fun. Not only is it somewhere other than your bed, there’s different positions you can do that are easier on a couch than in a bed. (N and I love having couch sex after a few drinks. Bend me over the back? Yes, please!)

The Bathroom

The bathroom is great for those quickies that you just have to get in for some day time stress relief. It can be fun to watch yourselves fucking. (Tip- don’t forget to play with the clit for more intensity and to reach a faster orgasm. This one should be direct pleasure for a fast orgasm.)

The Shower

This one is a lot of fun to do randomly. You’re naked and wet and touching each other. How can you pass up fucking against the shower wall. If your sex life is stuck in a rut, or you haven’t had sex in a while this one is perfect to reconnect. Just hop in the shower together and just go with the flow.

A Vehicle

This one can definitely add some spice especially if you find getting caught (or the possibility of) to be hot. Start by making out it can take you back to a time when you had no other options for where to have sex and can make you feel carefree. (Which we all need sometimes.)

The Kitchen

N and I have lived in our house almost 4 years and still haven’t had sex in our kitchen. But we’ve been wanting to and I think this weekend we are going to try it. (I’ll make sure to write a post on how it all went!) one of my favorite sex memories from when we first started dating is when I sat on the kitchen island in our old apartment and he fucked me. It was so fucking hot.

Try something new this week/weekend. Do it for your relationship. Be adventurous and spice things up. Even if it’s just vanilla sex on the living room floor, just have sex in a different place. Make it spontaneous or just plan it. Your relationship deserves it.



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