Masturbation Monday

Let’s talk about the best ways to masturbate for a vagina-owner.

I’ve got my favorite ways. The ones that bring me the most pleasure and sometimes just the easiest ways – for those times you just really need to cum because you can’t focus on anything else.

So these might not be the best ways for you but try em out and see. And for pussy-lovers, maybe you will learn something knew you can incorporate at some point.


My favorite way to masturbate is with of course, this guy. It gets the job done efficiently as it is of course used only on the clitoris and for me direct stimulation makes me cum the fastest.

If I have more time, I like to use rabbits. Because of the added stimulation for my gspot. These orgasms end up taking a bit longer and the orgasms can be either more intense or average depending on how much energy I have to put into it.


When I’m really crunched for time and but I can’t ignore the deep need to O, I use my fingers on my clit. I use my middle finger and find those sweet spots where I rub in either circles or up and down until I cum.

If I’ve got a bit more time I’ll use my left hand and make a come-hither motion on my gspot in combination with rubbing my clit. These orgasms are the most intense but out of all I’ve listed thus far, takes the most amount of work.

I’ll also use the fingers of my left hand to play with my nipples. I like to roll them between my fingers and gently pull on them while I play with my clit. It’s a unique sensation that drives me fucking wild.

Shower Head, Baby

If I’m turned on and in the shower and I know I’m not getting laid, I’ll use the moveable shower head we purchased just for this reason. I put it on the almost most intense setting and lean against the shower wall. I aim the stream right at my clit and I move it around just slightly. The movement of the stream on my clit is usually what sends me right over.

Because this is usually intense and quit I can usually cum 2 or 3 times in a twenty minute period.

These sessions are so much more rare than they should be.

I love taking care of myself and that includes orgasming. I love the way I’m more relaxed and happier after an orgasm. I’m sure everyone can relate to that.

If you have a vagina? Do you masturbate any of these ways?



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