Disclaimer: you can do whatever the hell you want with your pubic hair. This is specifically for those of you with vagina’s that want some tips on getting a smooth shave without having to go get a wax.

Step One: Preparation

This step is important because if you don’t have the right tools, you’ll be left with bumps and razor burn, maybe even cuts. Which are no bueno. (I mean have you ever cut your vagina shaving? It’s not fun.)

The important items you need are:

– A good razor

– A good shaving cream or Coconut Oil

– Time

Back in 2014 N discovered Dollar Shave Club. He wanted to try it out and see if he liked their stuff because it was so cheap. He didn’t shave as often as most people because he was working a weird schedule, and he built up a supply of razors pretty quickly. (Note* they have it set up so you have enough razors to change them weekly which you should do.)

I got frustrated with my razors. Even the expensive ones from the store were leaving me with razor burn and just not giving me a very good shave. N told me to try it out and so I did.

I used soap and not shaving cream the first time and was STILL blown away by it. It waste smoothest shave I had, had in a long time. And that was it. I have only used a woman’s disposable razor one other time and I cut my leg so bad.

We ordered another handle and I haven’t turned back since.

I started using shaving cream along with it and it’s the closest, smoothest, cleanest shaving I’ve ever had. (I’ve never tried coconut oil but I’m going to soon!)

Here’s a referral code: use this when you sign up! He will get 5.00 for every person that signs up!

Lastly, when it comes to shaving you have to take your time. Even with the best items if you’re rushing through, it’s gonna hurt.

Step Two: Shaving

I find it easiest to shave in the bath because I’m then wet and ready to begin. (😉) you want to make sure your vagina is wet. Because even when using shaving cream, if it’s dry, you’re gonna get razor burn.

Once everything is wet, you want to lather it in shaving cream or coconut oil. Do not use any soaps if you are looking for a clean, smooth shave.

You seriously don’t want to skimp though because it will be hard to get an even shave if the shaving cream/coconut oil used isn’t slathered on evenly.

I use my hands to feel around so I don’t miss any areas. I make sure to go slowly and shave against the grain. While this can cause razor burn I find that with the right amount of shaving cream and DSC’s amazing razor I don’t have that problem anymore. And then I’m left with the smoothest shave. Just remember to take your time and you’ll be fine.

Now this is the part where you can decide to go hairless or shave in a design. (Personally, I prefer the landing strip.)

Step Three: Show It Off

I love after I’ve shaved and my vagina looks and feels like velvet. I almost always have to take a picture for N.

Now I don’t mean you have to a picture or show it off but it’s fun to. Surprise your partner by not wearing anything to show it off. They will be glad that you did.

I hope you take a look into Dollar Shave Club, not because N will earn money, but because it’s seriously the best razor I’ve ever used. (We have the executive and for 9.00 a month get new amazing blades.) I was endorsing DSC before they began marketing to women and even got a couple people to try it out and fall in love.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Use these tips to be freshly shaven for your Valentine’s Day Sex. Now excuse me, I’ve got to go shave myself. 😘



4 thoughts on “Shaving

  1. This happened almost exactly with Emily just a few months ago. She was complaining about razor burn and bumps and the first thing I told her was to use men’s razors instead of women’s because they were just better (cheaper too?). She asked me why the fuck that was and the responses were thus…

    1) We’re babies and that beard scruff gets thicccc

    2) We don’t get to hide our razor burn in our pants if it goes wrong. We get the pain and the great ‘irritated baby face’ look.

    It was kinda tongue in cheek but also kinda true. It gave her a few laughs.

    1. Haha! That’s awesome and I’d have to agree with those answers haha! I didn’t think that men’s razors would work because a guy I dated told me he used women’s razors because they were better. (He was a little bit psycho though soooo…) But then I used the men’s razor and was blown away by the results. All women should just boycott women’s razors.

      1. I really think what’s actually going on there is women’s razor companies aren’t designing the bloody things for pubic hair. I guess it’s still taboo or something at Gillette headquarters? Fuck if I know but it seems to me to explain the difference. Pubic hair and mens facial hair are very similar in roughness/thickness/etc. Razor companies need to get out of the …60s? Wherever they’re stuck.

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