Sex on Valentine’s Day

If you’re in a relationship, chances are you’ll be having sex on Valentine’s day and if you’re not, hopefully, it’s due to circumstances out of your control and not because you are no longer having sex with your partner.

Valentine’s day is the one day a year you can get super cheesy. I love cheesy romantic shit and honestly, a cheesy gesture gets N a hell of a lot farther than an expensive one. (Though he did buy me a Fitbit Versa for Vday this year. I think it doubled as a push present, just six months late.) To be honest, he could have woke up on valentine’s day with a 1 dollar item and told me how much he loved me and I’d fuck him.

To me, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to go all out and show your partner how much they mean to you. Hopefully, you get laid from your efforts, because sex – for the most part – is an act showing how much you love that other person.

Set The Mood

N loves candles so for us candles are perfect. I’m planning to light a few in our room while he takes his nightly shower on Thursday. When he comes out, the room will be filled with a sexy ambiance.

I’ll also make sure to play this playlist on our speaker. This is what I’ve got on my phone and includes songs from my post back in December. (I wish I had linked a playlist then, but here you go, better late than never!)

I’ll even wear something like this:

Make Time For Foreplay

Don’t skip out on the foreplay. Foreplay is a must for some sexy Valentine’s Day fun. Foreplay is one of the best parts of sex. It’s Valentine’s Day, you can take a little longer than usual.

Foreplay gets things more heated up. It makes the sex itself more intense because you’ve had all this other pleasure warming you up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FOREPLAY IS IMPORTANT FOR WOMEN.

We’ll start with kissing and lightly touch each other. N, will run his hands over my body and tell me how sexy I am. And I’ll feel sexy which will only turn me on more.

My hand wild slide down to his hard cock and he will follow suit. He’ll rub my clit while I’m rubbing him, slowly teasing him. (Teasing is so fun, amirite?) Then He’ll move my hand away and get up from the bed. He’ll pull of my panties and get between my legs.

His mouth will expert find it’s way around my clit and I’ll grip the sheets and moan. My other hand will go to his head and I’ll run my fingers through his hair.

When I’m about to cum, he’ll stop because he loves to build my orgasms up, and I love that he does it.

He’ll get up and pull his boxers down and before he can start to fuck me, I’ll sit up really fast so I can return the favor. I’ll take him all the way into my throat so I can make him moan. And I’ll do this until he pulls my head back and makes me stop so he can fuck me.

Fuck Differently

If sex is usually missionary and/or cowgirl, switch it up! Do something different. Add in some old positions you guys haven’t tried for a while or pull out your Kama Sutra book and try something new altogether.

Don’t just do it in a normal way. Get sexier, dirtier, naughtier. You should be feeling very turned on and sexy by this point so work that cock/pussy harder than you’ve ever worked it. Or at least differently if you are going for a sexier approach.

We like to mix it up. Sometimes we go soft and slow and other times we fuck harder than rabbits. But a lot of times we mix the two. We go slow for a bit and then harder. We really enjoy feeling each other and going slower intensifies things in a different way than if we just continued to fuck hard.

Our favorite three positions are Missionary, Cowgirl, and Doggystyle. (N loves my perky ass so this is particularly his favorite position.) But we like to mix it up with different ones like reverse cowgirl or the lap dance.

Once he is ready to fuck me, he will tell me to flip over. I’ll do it and arch my back and lean down on the bed so my ass is in the air. He’ll hold his dick up to my pussy and work himself inside me and once he’s fully inside he’ll go hard, gripping my hips and pulling my hair until he’s almost come.

He’ll stop and pull out and sit on the edge of the bed. I will stand and shake my ass a little for him and back up into him. I’ll lower myself down onto his cock and let him slide fully inside me where instead of bouncing, I’ll grind my pussy on him and rub my clit. I’ll cum hard and he will have me stand up so he can lay down.

I’ll hungrily (and almost greedily) climb on top of him and ride his cock until we both cum together.

Make It Extra Special

Whatever you do, whether it’s making sure to add in foreplay, or spending longer time on it, or changing your positions, make sure you make your Valentine’s day sex a little extra special. Change it up in some way. Sure it’s just another day and you can make it special any other day, but why not just do it on the day that’s celebrated for love?

I personally can’t wait until Thursday night and I might need to pregame beforehand with my penguin.



2 thoughts on “Sex on Valentine’s Day

  1. Is it wrong that the thing that stuck out to me the most was the fitbit gift and how my wife likes to see how high she got my pulse after sex?

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