Chapter One – The Masquerade Ball

I had been looking forward to the masquerade ball for over a month. I had my dress picked out the day after I’d received the invitation and the mask I’d picked up the night before. My dress was black, skin tight and had a slit from my right hip to the floor. And my mask was black with silver embellishments. It maxed out my credit card but it was worth it.

I knew the invite was a mistake. Meant for my neighbor Kathleen Taylor. She was a reclusive gossip blogger that was often invited places but never even went down to the lobby of our building.

We both had chocolate brown hair and our eyes though different shades were both blue. We were about the same height and our bodies were close. My curves were more prominent, but she still had some.

My motives for stealing the invitation and pretending to be Kathleen were fueled by my desire for attention. It was as simple as that. I was recently single and bored with dating apps. I didn’t like drinking, so I hated going to bars. I got off on unique experiences – even if that meant pretending to be someone else and stealing.

The Pierre Hotel was gorgeous, and I’d only ever been there twice for dropping off items to clients who were staying there. It still blew me away every time I stepped inside of it. And tonight, was no exception.

Everyone was dressed to the 9’s and the room was jam-packed full of the rich and famous. I was playing the part of rich and famous and it was giving me such a rush.

I found myself sitting amongst other online influencers, specifically between a YouTube beauty vlogger and a sports vlogger. Both channels I was familiar with.

That’s when I saw him walk in, Derrik Wilder, CEO of Wilder Tech Inc.Billionaire and ex-boyfriend of one Kathleen Taylor.

He stopped by me. “Kathleen, I didn’t know you were going to be here. You never come to these things. Or leave your apartment.” 

I stayed confident so I wouldn’t let him onto what was really going on. “I decided to come.”

“Did you get my message?” He whispered in my ear.

I thought of Kathleen and how publicly their relationship ended. How she’d been so broken-hearted and picked apart by the media because she never came out of hiding to defend herself.

“No,” I said with a small shrug. I tried to not let the scent of his Tom Ford Tobacco Oud affect me.

Someone called his name and waved him over.

“Take this and meet me in my suite in fifteen. I want to talk to you. Please?” His slid a key card into my hand.

“We’ll see,” I responded. I’d had a thing for Derrik for a while now and the thought of being alone with him in a room was almost too much for me to handle.

Twenty-five minutes later, I slid the key card into the slot and opened the door to his suite.

“I thought you’d never come.” He said and before I could even speak, he crossed the room and put his hands on my face. He pulled me into him and kissed me harder than I’d ever been kissed.

His hands went for my mask and I stopped him.

“I want to leave it on. It’ll be like role-playing.” I didn’t know what I was even saying. This was so wrong, and I should have been doing anything other than this. But his hands went to my hips and he pulled me into him more and I could feel the hardness of his thick cock pressing into me. I was putty in his hands.

He kissed me passionately before moving down to my throat. His left hand grabbed greedily at my breasts while his right hand went to the zipper on the back of my dress. He unzipped it and helped pull the spaghetti straps off my shoulders. My dress slid to the floor.

“Wow. You are so gorgeous.” He said before bending forward and taking one of my nipples into his mouth. A moan escaped my lips.

His hand went down to my thong and he pulled it down. He slid it back up my legs, grabbed at my thigh and finally slid his fingers onto my clit where he rubbed vigorously. My moans grew louder, and all the self-control left me.

He pulled his hand away and led me into the room and over to the bed where he removed his own clothes.

He held his cock in his hand and I dropped to my knees. I placed my hands around his cock and opened my mouth, teasing the tip with my tongue and then closing my mouth around it.

His hands went to my hair and I continued to taste him. His cock was large, and my mouth had to stretch fully. I took him all the way to the back of my throat.

“You deep throat now?” He asked, breathless from the pleasure.

I looked up and nodded, his cock still in my mouth.

He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back so his cock popped out of my mouth.”Get on the bed.”

I got onto the bed on my back and he climbed on too. He moved my legs with his knees as he climbed between them. He pressed his cock against my pussy until it found its way inside of me.

“Oh fuck.” I gasped as he moved inside of me.

He laid down, the weight of him pressing on me his mouth found its way to mine and he began to hungrily kiss me. His cock slid in and out of me. Harder and faster with each thrust.

I moaned into his mouth.

His cock held so much control over in that moment and it was all I could think about. He picked up the pace and I wrapped my legs around his back. Harder and faster, he slid in and out of me. In. Out. IN. OUT. Each thrust much more pleasurable than the last.

My body started to shake. I was cumming. He stopped kissing me and sat up on his knees and fucked me harder through the remainder of my orgasm. 

“I think that’s the fastest, you’ve ever come.” He said.

“Me too,” I said. It was the real honest truth. I’d never came so fast before in my life.

“I’m gonna make you cum again.” He said and reached down. He started to rub my clit with his thumb. My body arched in response He used the perfect amount of pressure. It nor tickled or hurt. It was pure pleasure. 

I tossed my head back and he started to move his cock in and out of me again. The two sensations mixed together in a euphoria, not like anything I’d ever experienced before. 

I began cumming again. And I felt everything get wet. 

“Oh fuck. You squirt now too?” He asked.

I nodded my head but was still riding out my orgasm. I moaned and touched my tits. 

He pulled his hand back and then grabbed each of my ankles and placed them on each of his shoulders. His cock was deeper inside of me and I wasn’t sure if I could hold on through anymore. But he continued his onslaught of pleasure.

His cock slid in and out of me at a slow tempo. One that was perfect for after back to back orgasms. 

“Your tits are so perfect.” He said as he stared down at me.”Your nipples are so pink and perky. And your hips and thighs, fuck you’re so hot.” He leaned down between my legs, which I moved behind his back again and kissed me.

Then he got up and pulled his cock out of me. He laid onto the bed next to me and I quickly got up. I touched my face to make sure the mask was still covering it and I climbed onto him. I moaned as I slid my dripping wet pussy onto his cock without much effort when he was fully inside of me, I moved my legs, so they were both bent at a 90% angle and started to bounce. 

His cock was much deeper in me this way and the pleasure was so much more intense.

“Holy shit.” He moaned beneath me.

“You like this?” I asked.

He nodded. “I love your pussy bouncing on my cock.”

I bit my lip. His voice was so sexy to me because I knew that I was the reason for his pleasure. I was controlling it. I was making him groan. I sat up straight and stopped bouncing. I rocked my hips back and forth, but slowly because it hurt. But the hurt was mixed with indescribable pleasure.

I put my knees back down because I couldn’t hold back anymore. I was ready to feel another orgasm. I needed it. Bad. I rode him, hard and fast and I felt myself inching closer and closer to one more sweet release. Derrik’s hands went to my hips and he helped move me back and forth. 

“I’m gonna cum.” He moaned, and my pussy responded with an orgasm of her own.

We came together. His cock twitching inside of me and my pussy squeezing his cock. They intertwined and intensified the moment. When I was done, I rolled onto the bed, not bothering to clean myself up for I was far too exhausted.

“That was amazing.” He said, breathlessly.

“Mmhmm,” I mumbled, unable to keep my eyes open. The three orgasms I had, had stolen all my energy. I knew this was dangerous and I tried to fight it but I soon succumbed to my sleep.

In the morning, I woke and saw the mask next to me on the nightstand. I quickly sat up, remembering what I had done and looked at the chair by the bed. Derrik was sitting in it with an amused look on his face.

“Hello, Trinity.” He said.

“How do you know my name?” I asked.

“I checked your wallet while you were sleeping.” He said.

“You did what?” I asked, feeling slightly angry.

“Well, I had to find out who the hell I’d just fucked.”

I lifted an eyebrow in question.

“You played a good Kathleen downstairs. You had everyone fooled for that half an hour you were there. But I knew you weren’t Kathleen the moment I saw you. Your boobs are too big, too perky. You’re curvier than she is, which I loved by the way, and your eyes are an icy blue while hers are more of a blue-green. And your voice, it’s more confident than hers.” He said.

“Did you really give her a message that you wanted to talk to her about?” I asked.

He laughed. “No. I don’t really like to reach out to ex-girlfriends that sleep with my dad.”

My jaw hit the floor. Kathleen had slept with his dad? I had had no idea. But then again, I was only merely acquaintances with her. 

“Why’d you have this room?”

“I’m a billionaire bachelor.” He said it like this was common knowledge. Something I should have known like how the grass is green and the sky is blue.

I rolled my eyes. 

“The real question here, is why were you here in Kathleen’splace?” His smile was amused yet seductive at the same time.

I bit my lip. “I get off on being a bad girl.”

With a raised eyebrow he responded, “Oh really?” And walked over to the bed.

“How about you show me just how bad you can really be.”

I bit my lip harder, my pussy was already soaked. I’d never had anyone have this kind of control over me. Fuck.

Chapter Two

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