Most Memorable One-Night-Stand

My most memorable one-night-stand is quite a crazy story. There are a few things that make me shake my head and wish I would have thought about some things before making certain decisions. But you live and you learn, right? I wouldn’t say I regret this experience because I have this story to tell, but it’s definitely one I cringe at when I think about it.

July 2010, I was single and had graduated high school the December before. My best friend M and I spent every day together. We’d go to the local lake and hang out with the people we’d become friends with or we’d be in the next city over driving around, laughing and eating Sonic or Mcdonald’s.

M was seeing a guy and they had been fighting. She wasn’t sure she wanted to continue things and so they took a break. M decided she wanted to go fuck a new guy. And I supported her. If that’s what she wanted to do then why should I care? He was bringing along a guy that I knew from high school and so when M asked me to tag along, I agreed to go with. It was M, the guy she was with E, the guy he brought D, and myself. We were driving around in D’s vehicle. D and I were in the front while E and M were in the back. The four of us were laughing and just having a good night together.

We started playing a game called “padiddle” where you shout “padiddle!” if you see a car with only one headlight. The last person to say it removes an article of clothing. M was mostly losing (I figured this was on purpose) and I had only lost two times so I was shoeless. About twenty or so minutes into driving around, I heard moaning in the backseat. I figured M was just messing around. I turned to look and M was naked from the waist down and getting fingered by E. I was only slightly shocked as this sort of behavior seemed very normal for her. D and I laughed and their messing around continued in the backseat.

We flirted a lot and had some time alone together when we were walking around Walmart. E and M had wandered off by themselves and it turns out they were actually fucking. In. The. Store.

Bold move, M. I remember thinking. I didn’t know much about E at all as I’d barely just met the guy and to be honest I didn’t know much about D either. But D and I were super flirty and I knew where this was headed.

After a while we took E and M back to E’s vehicle where I assumed they went and fucked some more while D and I went back to his place.

It was so late and I was so tired but I’d been interested in where things were going. We ended up fucking and then falling asleep. It was alright. It wasn’t my first one-night-stand. The sex was average. I had a mediocre orgasm. And then we fell asleep together.

He drove me back to my car very early the next morning as he had to work. We didn’t exchange phone numbers when he dropped me off. I wasn’t really looking for anything and I only knew he was single.

Imagine my surprise when I learned later that day that as soon as he dropped me off he went and got back together with his girlfriend. THAT HE HAD BROKE UP WITH THE DAY BEFORE. Like literally he broke up with her to fuck me and then got back with her. 

That was the seconded weirdest thing about the whole thing. (The first was watching E finger M.)

M also got back with her boyfriend the following day and made me swear to not tell him about the whole thing. Of course, chicks before dicks so I didn’t say a word.

A couple weeks later, E and I had connected over a guy I had just started seeing that was a little weird. E convinced me to break up with him and I’m glad he did. Then I started dating E. (Side note- it turns out E had wanted my number all along but M refused to give it to him instead taking his info for her own. Yes, even though she had a boyfriend.)

This was the third odd thing about the whole situation. I dated wasted three months of my life with E only to be shown his true colors in the end. 

But the final thing was E’s friend K had a baby mama who was friends with D’s girlfriend and we hung out with her a couple times. I remember her telling me one time that she wasn’t mad at me. “I never get mad at the girls.” Which tells me that maybe he hadn’t been so honest about actually breaking up with her.

I learned to lesson’s from this whole ordeal. One, the next time I had a one-night-stand I’d make sure the person really was single because I hated the way I felt when I learned about the girlfriend. And two, don’t date guys your friends randomly chose to fuck in Walmart because they usually turn out to be douchebags. (And yes I had her blessing to date him…) 

What’s your most memorable one-night-stand?

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