Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

I’m excited to bring you my second review! I was given the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation for free in exchange for my honest review and here it is.

I had been looking at the Satisfyer Pro 2 since I found out about it back in December when I did my Gift Ideas post. So, of course, I was very excited when I found out I would be getting the Satisfyer Pro Penguin 2, I was ecstatic.

Last Saturday I checked the mail and it had arrived. It was perfect timing since it was Saturday. And I charged it while N and I were out and about. (Yay for USB chargers!) I find the penguin pro to be adorable. It looks like a penguin with a little pink bow tie. The instructions said it could take up to 8 hours to fully charge. It only took around four hours. And that could have been from stopping the car while running errands.

(NOTE* It comes with a USB cord that magnetically connects at the bottom. If it’s not connected correctly it will not charge.)

Getting home and trying it out was all I could think about. The anticipation made me more turned on. Finally, night rolled around and I was able to try it out.

The Review

We took the toy to bed with us, N and I. We were kissing and touching and then he grabbed it and turned it on. This thing has ELEVEN settings. N turned it up to the highest possible setting and then put it to my clit.


I literally almost came in about 20 seconds. It was intense and the pleasure ripped through me. I’ve never had a vibrator do THAT. The vibrations are different than a normal vibrator as it does also suck. Which is a different sensation than any other toy I’ve used.

N wanted in on the fun so I got into Doggystyle and he put his cock in me while I put the toy back on my clit.


After just a minute or so of thrusting, we BOTH came hard. He said that he could feel the vibrations also, which is what sent him over so quickly. We haven’t had sex that quick in a long time and honestly, my orgasm was SO GOOD that it lasted through the entirety of his and I was still shaking when his was done. Mine started before his.

The sensations were intense but not in that annoying way where it almost hurts or tickles instead of feeling good. This thing was amazing. I was just shocked at how quick it all went and I felt like I wasn’t able to get a good feel for it. So I knew I’d have to do another review

Second Review

This time the review was by myself. It was just me and this little amazing toy. I stripped down and laid in the bed. I put the toy to my clit. I had to pull it away so I wouldn’t cum so fast again. I wanted some time for the build up so I could get more of a feel for it for my review.

After holding it away for about fifteen seconds, I turned it down to a lower setting and put it back on my clit. With the lower setting, it wasn’t as intense, but it still felt AH-MAZE-ING.

I held it to my clit and let it suck, and vibrate it. I didn’t have to be in an awkward position and it wasn’t difficult to hold. Since I turned it down and it wasn’t as intense, I felt my body relax more and I was able to let the pleasure wash over me a little more.

My orgasm built up and then I came hard. Just like the first night. My orgasm lasted for just about as long and was just as intense.

Rating/My Thoughts

I give this thing an 11/10. Seriously it’s THAT GOOD. This is my favorite toy I’ve ever owned. I’m already dreaming about the next time I get to use it. And if N and I only have time for a quicky, I know what to do to make it quick and GREAT.

Get one for yourself at this link!

Here’s a link to all the other Satisfyer products that Jack and Jill Adult have to offer!

Right now on the website get 20% OFF your purchase with the code JNJLOVE until Feb. 15. This is the perfect time to get your Satisyfer Pro Penguin and I really, really think everyone should have one in their toy box or drawer.



6 thoughts on “Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

  1. We’ve been meaning to get the Pro 2 model after they got recently updated and I’ve seen nothing but rave reviews like this one about the results. Probably gonna pull the trigger tonight on that. Wife doesn’t think she could deal with the cuteness of the penguin model though. Does the affiliate link work on others? If not that’s a shame.

    1. That’s why I wanted it so bad. There were so many amazing reviews. And it held up to those reviews haha. Actually it was better than I had ever thought it would be. I get what your wife means about the cuteness. The same thought crossed my mind haha. I updated the post to include a link to all the Satisfyer toys right under the link for the penguin! You guys should definitely get one. I’m thinking of getting another one and doing a comparison! Or you know to just have multiple good toys.

          1. Well the Pro 2 was out of stock and after reading that you had the same concerns about cuteness that she did but that it turned out fine we went ahead and got the penguin anyway. If we find our experiences line up sufficiently with yours we’re just going to link back to this article instead of doing our own review like we’d normally do, if that’s fine by you.

            1. That’s awesome!! Let me know if you guys like it! That would be amazing! Thank you! And I’d love to do something in return for your blog if you guys do link to my post!

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