OpenMity Sex Memory Game Review

Welcome to my very first review of not only the year, but of my blog. I’m so excited to start doing reviews. I love finding amazing products and telling others how great those products are. Sometimes I might hate the product enough to want to warn others to stay away.

Now, you may remember this game from my White Elephant Gift post from last month. I’m so excited to finally bring you my review for it! I was gifted this game by Aggie in exchange for my honest review. This is a truly honest review that has not been influenced in any way.

The Game

The sex memory game is very simple to set up and play. It’s an adult memory game. The packaging is very modern and enticing. When you open the box you’ll see the folded sleek-looking instruction card on top.

The contents include:

  • 18 pink and 18 blue game pairs of cards marked with different sexual positions and activities. Pink cards emphasize the pleasure of the female, while blue cards emphasize that of the male.
  • 1 pink and 1 blue square labeled “use now”.

To set up, it’s very simple you just lay all the cards, pink on one side and blue on the other face down, in a rectangle. Each player then takes one of the “use now” cards and places it on their side.

Playing is very simple. Basically, you start out one person going first and flipping the cards over if it’s a match great you get to go again! If it’s not, then it’s no longer your turn. If you get a match with the “use now” label on them, then place that match on your “use now” square card. If not, just place the match next to you.

When you fill up both spaces with “use now” cards, the player who has both filled gets to do just that. They can choose one of the matches and use it right then and there. (And it has to be done within the time limit.)

Once one has been played the other pair is lost and needs to be added to the regular matches pile.

The winner is whoever makes all their matches and clears their cards away. The winner then gets to choose four of the game cards to try with their partner without the time limit.

My Review

N and I finally played this game last Saturday (I’ve been itching to play it since I first put it in my blogmas post!) and it was so much fun. It’s definitely a game to use when you need to spice things up. Whether you’re in a rut or just want to try something different, this game is PERFECT.

I had a choice between the erotic picture game or the sensual picture game and I chose the erotic picture game. Because IMHO, it makes it a little hotter. But if you’re more turned on by sensual things, then the sensual game would be great for you!

We laid the game out and read through the instructions and began to play. I started and did not make a match. In fact, N made two matches before I was even able to go again. While the game is super sexy and we were both very turned on, it was also fun. We were laughing and flirting the whole way through. And I think we were both picturing doing each of the things on the cards.

N was the first to fill up his “use now” card with matches and he chose to use the blowjob card using only my mouth. I couldn’t use my hands or anything else. It was hot and fun and he seemed to enjoy himself.

But I had the last laugh because I won the game. I picked my four cards. I chose the ice cube card where he had to place a piece of ice in his lips and used it from my neck down to my pussy, the spanking card because spanking is so much fun, one where he used his mouth and tongue on my thighs and of course an oral sex one. (Can you tell I really love the build up?)

Bottom Line

This game is hot, hot, hot! It’s so fun to do something different like this, to relax and have fun together while getting a little competitive. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our sex was AH-MAZE-ING. 



I highly suggest everyone buy a copy of this game for those times you just want to do something different and add some spice. This is definitely going to be a once a month thing we do because it was so much fun.

Aggie is such a sweet person and they have worked hard to bring an amazing game (and more products!) to your bedroom.

Buy It For Yourself

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Go buy the game for yourself and try something new. Spice up your sex life with this amazing game. ♥️

Stay sexy. Stay positive.



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