Friday Fun

When you put on lingerie and feel sexy AF.

When he says how sexy you look and tells you how bad he wants you.

When he finally kisses you and the sexual tension intensifies.

When he touches you because he wants you so bad and can’t keep his hands to himself.

When he starts foreplay and he’s teasing you.

When you trail kisses down to his hard cock.

When you put it in your mouth.

When you can’t handle the wait anymore.

When he finally gets inside you and the pleasure is almost too much.

When he starts going harder.

When it’s your turn on top.

When you finally CUM.

I hope everyone gets laid this weekend. ♥️

Super sexy short story tomorrow and an announcement next week. Stay tuned and follow my blog so you get notified and don’t miss out! ♥️

Stay Sexy. Stay Positive.



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