Birthday Road Head

I’ll never forget my 21st birthday. N and I had been together for a month and had been living together for a couple weeks (that’s a story for another day). N had bought me a bottle of champagne the night before and a bottle of orange juice so I could have celebratory mimosa’s the next morning.

My mom took me to lunch where we found out that though my I.D. clearly showed I was twenty-one, they couldn’t accept it because it wasn’t sideways. (Come on Applebees WTF?!) Lunch was still fun.

That night N took me to dinner, just the two of us. And thank God, Rockbottom Brewery is badass. It was my twenty-first of course they accepted my I.D.

We ate our dinner and I had a cosmo. And after they offered a birthday shot. (Which was 13.00 & not free as they’d have you believe by the way they say “birthday shot”). Now that shot was fucking awesome. I had to take it, lick the rim and bite into a lime back to back and quick. IT TASTED LIKE CHOCOLATE CAKE. I’m not kidding you. I’ve never experienced anything like it since. There was no chocolate in it at all, but the three things put together created a chocolate cake tasting combo and it was fucking awesome.

By this time I was pretty drunk. I had to focus on each of my steps so I would fall over or roll an ankle. I didn’t do either of them but it was hard. We headed back to the apartment. The alcohol was pumping through me and I was feeling v. horny. Alcohol, only when I’m with the right people, makes me feel v. horny. Mostly vodka. But whiskey can too. I digress.

“You want a blow job?” I asked N as he was driving.

He laughed. “Sure.”

I moved closer to him. His truck had the middle front seat as well as the seats in the back so this made it easier to maneuver.

I unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out. “Mmm.” I said before I put his cock to my mouth. My lips closed around the head and I sucked lightly. I moved my head down, his cock slipped farther into my mouth until I was deep throating him.

The thrill of knowing that he was driving, that he needed to concentrate more because my mouth was wrapped around him. Thrilled me to no end. I was so turned on, so wet, so ready for him.

I used my hands to hold the base of his cock and twist them as I moved my head up and down, taking him all the way to the back of my throat and not gagging because I don’t have a gag reflex.

I used my tongue and my hands to please him and he moaned and told me how good it felt. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste every last drop of it.

I kept going even after he pulled into the parking spot at the apartment.

“I’m gonna cum. You need to stop.” He said.

I didn’t. I sucked harder. Used my hands more.

He pulled my head up. “No. It’s your birthday.”

“So?” I asked in a pouty voice. I wanted to finish him off.

“Let’s get inside so I can please you.” He said.

I bit my lip and followed him inside where we went straight for the bedroom, practically running. We wasted no time. I had one of the best drunk-orgasms of my life that night.

Pleasing him pleased me and I’d totally give him another blowjob on my birthday again.

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