Today I bring you a special post. It was supposed to be about writing erotica but while browsing Twitter, I came across something that PISSES ME OFF. I tweeted my frustrations… and then deleted the tweet. Because I don’t want the negativity. I’m all about living a positive life. So instead of an angry, frustrated post, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to teach instead.

I won’t be including the slut-shaming, victim-shaming picture of the tweet but here’s a link so you can check it out for yourself. Cardi B is the perfect target for conservative harassment because GASP! she was a stripper! “OH MY GOD! SOMEONE CALL THE FEDS! THIS CAN’T BE ALLOWED!”

PUHLEASE, SISTER. GTFOHWTS! (get the fuck outta here with that shit) I support sex workers. So if you want to be a stripper or a cam girl GO FOR IT. Do what you want as long as you are being safe and are doing it because you want to. (I do not support sex workers when they feel miserable doing it and hate themselves. Because that’s not okay.)

Now onto the real post.


Women empowerment is when women help embrace & support one another. We lift each other up and we create a sense of community amongst ourselves. Sure women don’t get along with other women often but not everyone can like one another. I think the #MeToo movement changed things up and made women embrace each other a little more. Maybe because so many of us have been affected by sexual assault and harassment and having that in common has brought us together. But there are still so many women with toxic, negative ideologies.

To me, regardless or maybe even more so because of the #MeToo movement, I think we need to be more sex-positive toward other women. Women shouldn’t feel like they can’t dress a certain way because of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other women’s demeaning comments. Women are EMPOWERED when they can dress or wear what they want. Women who put others down for either of these things are HURTING women empowerment. Their toxic thinking is what sets women back.

-The Music Video-

I’m not really a fan of this song, but the music video is AWESOME. It’s a bunch of beautiful women shaking their asses in bikinis. Like girl, if you feel confident enough to show off your beautiful body and you can twerk then fucking do it.

This sort of music video is what fuels women EMPOWERMENT. It does not slut-shame or victim-shame. They are wearing what they want and doing what they want and that’s what women SHOULD BE DOING.


Twerk Gif GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you have a booty you love (I LOVE MINE) then learn how to twerk. Work that booty. Wear what you want to emphasize it. Shake it when you’re out dancing. Hell, shake it when you walk. People like to demonize twerking like it’s the worst thing out there. (Have these people not heard of meth? Or ISIS?) I say FUCK ‘EM. You do what you want. It’s your body, your life. You deserve to do what you want without people slut-shaming you.

Twerking is a sexy dance move and I’m sure makes women who can do it properly (I’m working on it!) feel sexy as fuck and that’s all that should matter. As women, we should be supporting one another. We should be supporting twerking. We should be supporting thong bikini’s and dancing when you want where you want. We should be encouraging more sexy dancing. We should be supporting one another. We shouldn’t be tearing each other down because of hidden insecurities.

For years, women have been dancing sexy in men’s videos. Women have been dancing sexy in commercials. Women have crawled on cars and smeared food all over them to aim at men. But the second a group of women make a video about dancing for themselves people freak the fuck out. THIS IS UTTER BULLSHIT.

So, Cardi B & City Girls, keep shaking your fine asses. Do it dressed, do it in a bikini, do it in body paint, do it naked. Do it however the fuck you want because it’s 2019 and we need to end this slut-shaming mentality once and for all. BECAUSE THAT’S WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

Stay sexy. Stay positive.



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